Seamless Façade

Exceptional Span Capability with Structural Connectors

The Flush, Large Spanning Solution

Danpal Seamless Façades provide a spectacularly clean and flush visual appearance on the external side with comfortable diffused daylight by incorporating Danpalon® Microcell glazing panels.

The unique aluminium framing system allows concealed joints externally, creating a truly flush and seamless finish, while ensuring the system is 100% watertight at all times.

Single- or Double-Glazed Large Span Solution

Danpal Seamless Façades can be designed and installed as a single- or double-skin glazed system; enabling the integration of LED lighting systems or light diffusing insulation.

While requiring steel or timber framework, the wide range of framing options in the Seamless Façade system allows Danpalon® Microcell and 3DLite panels to span large distances vertically.

For clients that want a combination of a flawless aesthetic and a comfortable interior, design your next project with our high-quality architectural façade system.

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