Variety of Colours and Finishes to Spark Your Imagination

Limitless Artistry

At Danpal we offer a range of surface finishes and treatments with aesthetic and protective properties for our Danpalon® glazing panels.

You can play with different prints and graphics to create stunning decorative effects, or add branding and wayfinding signage to Danpalon® polycarbonate panels. Offering up to ten times more cells than other structured polycarbonate panels on the market, our panels can used in single or double glazing applications.

This opens up a wide array of design options for interior and exterior walls, ceilings and roofing, as well as for decorative purposes.

Experiment With The Beauty of Lighting

Co-Extruded Finishes

Softlite for Visual Comfort

Danpalon® polycarbonate glazing panels can greatly diminish glare and reduce the “neon” effect with our exclusive Softlite treatment.

Softlite is a 100% permanent matte finish applied during manufacturing to one or both external surfaces of our panels. This finish provides optimal visual comfort and diffuses light like no other, whatever the exposure or type of building.

Available for Danpalon® Microcell, 3DLite and Kinetic panels from any colour range.



Reflective for Thermal Comfort

Cool down with heat reflecting panels.

Danpalon® Microcell and Compact glazing panels are available in a Reflective colour range. These heat reflective panels have millions of flat metallic “mirror-like” particles dispersed through them. The light can pass between the particles while the heat is reflected away.

Highly recommended for north or west facing façades and roofing to achieve the optimal summer comfort.



From Translucent to Opaque

For bright colours with a metallic, lacquered appearance, opaque Danpalon® panels are available in a wide range of tints.

With Danpal’s translucent range, the appearance of the building changes with the light and reflections projected onto façades and roofing at different times of day.



Bicolour for The Best Of Both Worlds

Can’t decide between two colours? Why not have both!

The Danpal bicolour option offer different colours on the two faces of one panel, enabling you to perfectly adapt your façades and internal walls to the effect you desire, both inside and outside without a double-glazing system. Providing you with the ultimate flexibility, there’s no need to compromise on colour.

Available in the colours of your choice for Danpalon® Microcell panels as a special order – design without limitation.



Low E to Reduce Solar Heat Gain

Improve insulation performance with infrared.

The Danpalon® Microcell panel is available in the colour Pearl Lilac, an infrared (low E) finish.

This unique pearlescent finish significantly limits solar heat gain without affecting light transmission levels. It works by selectively blocking solar radiation that is part of the non-visible light spectrum. This leads to a reduction in solar loads, enabling significant reductions in air conditioning costs and carbon emissions.

Performance Options



Extra Fire Protection (FP)

Specially made Danpalon® FP microcell have fire retardant additives embedded into the panel, without visually changing the appearance. These specially developed additives significantly reduce smoke and flame spread. Their superior performance in large scale façade tests make them an essential choice for use on large buildings, where fire compartmentalisation is an important factor in achieving a fire engineered design solution. Read more about our product and fire performance here.



Anti Graffiti High Performance (HP)

Danpal HP is an advanced surface treatment that enables higher performance in areas needing graffiti removal and protection against environmental pollution. Available for Danpalon® Microcell and 3DLite panels from any colour range.



Heat Welded Ends

Heat welded ends on Danpalon® Microcell panels provide a clean and effective long-term solution that prevents water, dirt or insects from getting inside the microcells.




Danpalon roof, façade or internal polycarbonate panels can function as a perfectly flush translucent canvas for the application of decorative vinyl graphics. Signage elements, repeating colourful patterns or large-scale digital imagery can all be applied to the panels in factory-conditions and delivered ready for installation as part of Danpal’s commitment to value adding and creative innovation.

With the ability to apply graphic vinyl or print directly onto Danpalon® panels, you can create any type of atmosphere or appearance, adding interest to structures and complementing the design.



LED Lighting

Create illuminated elements for a unique look.

Danpal gives you the artistic freedom to experiment with lighting in inventive ways. LED Lighting can be easily incorporated into Danpal systems or your own framing with Danpalon® panels.

Our extensive range of reflective, pearlescent and matte finishes offer architects and designers a rich palette for creating unique spaces; increasing depth and illumination.




Double layered Danpal systems can supplemented with various insulative materials to offer unparalleled thermal performance from translucent building systems. Reflective and conductive insulation values of composite Danpal can potentially be as good as conventional opaque cladding while still allowing a pleasant glow of natural daylight through a roof or façade system.




The inherently lightweight nature of Danpal systems may sometimes mean that acoustic reinforcement is required to provide acceptable sound attenuation levels. Danpal has conducted local and overseas testing on various systems to enable wide a wide range of choice when it comes to appropriate specification decisions regarding acoustic comfort.




Given the range of Australian climatic extremes and the architectural design challenges they present, there are times when only a dynamic operable system will provide appropriate flexibility. The lightweight nature of Danpal’s roof, façade and shading systems makes them relatively easy to motorise for operability in a way that is compatible with commonly used building automation systems.

Danpal Colours and Life Expectancy

Danpalon® polycarbonate glazing panels are made from the highest quality resin and are co-extruded with market-leading UV protection technology invented by Danpal. This ensures superior colour stability, longevity and durability.

Independent testing has shown that after ten years, Danpalon® panels are guaranteed to have retained almost all of its original light transmission properties and remained highly impact resistant; demonstrating that Danpalon®‘s loss of strength is minimal overtime.

Our materials are specifically manufactured for the harsh Australian climate and have a proven history of success over decades of use on major projects throughout Australasia. You can reasonably expect a life-span in excess of 25 years for the Danpalon® polycarbonate material.

There are projects using Danpalon® in Australia and globally that are approaching 30 years of age with no sign of imminent failure. Danpal systems remain 100% leak-proof as there are no ageing gaskets, sealants or adhesives being used to prevent water entry; the mechanical connection of the panels into our proprietary connectors are not compromised by the ageing process.

Danpal offers a minimum 10-year guarantee full material warranty. Extended manufacturer’s warranties are available on a project-specific basis, subject to certain criteria.


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