Danpal VRS

Ventilated Rainscreen System for Opaque Cladding

An Appealing Exterior with Insulating Efficiency

When clients want only the best, look no further than Danpal’s ventilated rainscreen system. The principle of Danpal VRS is to fully protect a building’s external insulation using the trusted Danpalon® lightweight polycarbonate panels. Promoting natural ventilation in the wall cavity, the convective motion behind the panels keeps the insulation dry and maintains its efficiency through time.

The Danpal VRS system comprises connector-bound Danpalon® Microcell polycarbonate cladding panels that is three times lighter than traditional rainscreen panels. The flexible and translucent panels mean that your designs don’t have to be limited – create functional, long-lasting and stylish exteriors.

Solid Polycarbonate Wall Cladding That Is 3 Times Lighter


Product Advantages

A Universal Concept

Danpal VRS is strong and durable, yet extremely lightweight. The system uses connectors that attach to the building in a way that is compatible with most types of structures. The exclusive double notching of the Danpalon® panels ensures perfect water-tightness.


Protects Insulation

Danpal VRS fully protects and reinforces building insulation to reduce heating and cooling operational requirements.


Simple and Rapid Installation
Danpal VRS system has been developed for easy and economical installation. It is up to three times lighter than traditional laminated cladding, and can be installed on all types of supports. Connections are made directly onto adjoining load bearing wall or structural supports, thus eliminating the need for additional supporting framed structures.



Danpal VRS is an innovative system that requires a continuous ventilation space of at least 50mm between the internal size of the panel and the insulation material or supporting wall.

Product Benefits
  • Flush, Seamless Finished Surfaces
  • Available in Long Lengths
  • Wide Range of Colours and Finishes
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Watertight
  • Lightweight
  • No Waste
  • Easy and Cost-Effective Installation with Minimal Handling
  • Suitable for all Danpalon® Microcell Panels
Technical Data

Typical System Drawings:

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