Interior Mood Boards

Diverse, Dynamic Interior Products

As with out, so within. Whilst our range of external products effectively harness the power and beauty of daylight, Danpal Interior products continue the journey of light and atmosphere throughout your internal spaces.

Boasting a range of colours and visually dynamic features, our products allow designers to add contemporary accents to natural products, suitable for all applications, including doors, partitions, ceilings, feature walls and decorative features within commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality settings.

Harnessing vibrancy and vitality, designers are able to tap into the powerful influence of colour psychology to stimulate our subconscious frequencies and create invigorating spaces that are imbued with atmosphere and impactful brand association.

Selected by major corporations across Australia and the world, our bespoke Danpalon 3DLite and Kinetic panels are the only design of its kind on the market, polycarbonate or otherwise; a technology and aesthetic unique to the Danpal range.

Explore the exquisite alignment of natural and manufactured materials in our mood boards below, created in collaboration with interior designer J Rose Interiors, featuring colourways and texture contrasts that celebrate the breadth of human engineering.


Inspiration: Modern styling. Black fixtures, marble bench tops, with monochrome textures to create a sleek look and a pop of colour for excitement.

Inspiration: Modern and organic styling. The use of green, soft timbers and marble bench tops create a sophisticated and elegant look. Appealing for high-end restaurants, café and bars.

Inspiration: Country styling. Orange as a bright hero piece with gold accessories and timber accents. The use of soft white bench tops and linen textures give a beautiful calm yet sophisticated appeal. Perfect for jewellery stores, retail clothing stores and shopfronts.

Inspiration: Country styling. The use of bronze to capture a rich warm tone, and the use of timber and dark accessories to give texture and structure. Appealing for office spaces, firms, reception areas and healthcare waiting areas.

Inspiration: Eclectic styling. Pops of pink amongst soft timber, gold accessories and black fixtures give a bright and playful feel. Perfect for retail stores, cafés and hotels.

Inspiration: Coastal styling. The use of blue and white to capture the ocean. Marble bench tops and soft timbers to create a coastal environment! Appealing to beautiful coastal locations for bars, cafés, restaurants and retail clothing stores.

Inspiration: Modern styling. Black and grey features, pops of silver and marble bench tops to capture a tasteful and intelligent feel. Perfect for office spaces, firms and retail stores.

Inspiration: Country styling. Soft timbers and linen fabrics create a warm and calm space. This would appeal to councillor Clinique’s, reception areas and cafés.

Inspiration: Hamptons style. The use of blues and greys capture a beautiful cool, classic and sophisticated beach vibe. Marble bench tops, distressed timbers and silver accents appeal to hotels, resorts, café and restaurants.

Inspiration: Modern styling. The use of charcoal and grey with pops of blue capture an elegant and sophisticated appeal. Perfect for home interiors, restaurants and hotels.

Inspiration: Modern styling. Red captures romance and excitement which resonates seamlessly with jewellery and clothing stores. The soft timber, black accessories and marble bench tops present an elegant and sophisticated appeal.


Montessori Academy
Taronga Zoo
Melbourne Zoo
Australian Open
Real Madrid
Western Wanderers
Carlton Football Club
North Melbourne Football Club
St Kilda Football Club
Swans Football Club
Channel Nine
Guide Dogs Victoria
Air France
Aerolineas Argentina

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