Danpal Interior

Lightweight, Translucent Partitions and Ceilings

Harmonious Aesthetics

Danpal Interior solutions enable architects and designers to create revolutionary spaces; from partitions that evoke both intimacy and openness, to translucent ceilings that illuminate the user’s experience.

Add a touch of light with Danpalon® polycarbonate panels in your interior design – whether it is natural or artificial, what is created is a sweeping radiance which will extend to both the interior and exterior of the building. Bring innovation to your next architecture project with a dynamic partition, back-lit feature wall, colourful ceiling or lightweight privacy screen.

Design until your heart is content with the confidence that not only will your Danpal Interior system be functional and reliable, it will certainly also be breathtaking.

Design A Space with A Sense of Playfulness, Wonder and Joy

Product Advantages

Combine Translucency and Strength

The Danpal Interior system uses a minimal lightweight frame to create the picture perfect finish around Danpalon® polycarbonate panels. For true versatility and design combined, incorporating polycarbonate panels into your space could give you the unique and functional element you’re after.

Danpalon® panels provide exceptional quality of light, a rich non-industrial visual appeal and deliver superior durability with good thermal insulation. The multicellular structure transmits an even diffusion of natural light, and provide more cells than traditional polycarbonate sheets.

Its clean lines and light diffusing panels bring a feeling of spaciousness and illuminance to any interior setting.


Interior Translucent Walls and Partitions

Internal spaces can be brought to life with the Danpal Interior system. The non-intrusive proprietary aluminium connection system can be fixed floor-to-ceiling and create single- or double-layered walls and partitions with a flush and seamless surface finish. Integrate with artificial lighting to create a soft, illuminating glow or experiment with the colourful range of polycarbonate panels to create a dynamic experience.


Interior Translucent Ceilings and Soffits

Danpal Interior ceilings add colour and life to structures. Our interior polycarbonate system are the best option for covering large areas of ceiling or concrete surfaces. They provide a safer, more convenient solution which does not require heavy construction. The clean, smooth ceiling surface can integrate lighting that is ideal for large building areas.


Create New Atmospheres

Give a different feel to your interior feature by creating a unified look, adding graphic prints or adding light diffusing insulation. Our extensive range of colours and finishes for our polycarbonate glazing panels offer a rich palette for designing unique spaces, increasing depth and illumination.


Light Attraction

At Danpal, we give you the artistic freedom to experiment with lighting in more inventive ways. You can choose to break up the light rays, blur light, show or hide lighting structures, building a unified panel of light or a combination of lighting in multiple panels.

Use your creativity to make light an attraction with Danpal partitions and ceilings.

Product Benefits
  • Flush, Seamless Finished Surfaces
  • Allows for Both Open and Intimate Spaces
  • Can Be Attached Floor-To-Ceiling
  • Suitable for Partition, Walls, Ceilings and Soffit Applications
  • Wide Range of Colours and Finishes
  • Unlimited Design Flexibility
  • Evenly Diffused Light
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation
  • Suitable for all Danpalon® Microcell, 3DLite and Kinetic Panels


Technical Data

Typical System Drawings:

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