Danpalon® COMPACT

Solid Transparent Panel with Perfect Clarity

Monolithic Solid Standing Seam Polycarbonate Panel

Danpalon® Compact is a 4mm thick solid panel with double-tooth standing seam edges that provides a ‘glass-like’ appearance and the advantages of polycarbonate strength, insulating qualities, flexibility, curving ability and low weight.

Together with proprietary Danpal componentry, Danpalon® Compact panels are a cost-effective, modular glazing solution for roofing, skylights, partitions and other decorative applications.

250 Times More Impact Resistant Than Glass

Danpalon® Compact panels are incredibly flexible and lightweight compared to conventional glazing, they are up to 200 times stronger and 250 times more impact resistant than glass; meaning less breakage and no shattering.

Product Advantages

CodeMark (Australia) Approved

Danpalon® Compact panels are made from the highest quality resin and are co-extruded with market-leading UV protection technology invented by Danpal. This ensures superior colour stability, longevity and durability, as well as the highest possible production quality resulting in CodeMark accreditation through SAI Global.


Glass-like Appearance

Enjoy the appearance of glass together with all the advantages of polycarbonate. Danpalon® Compact panels are extruded at 4mm thick by 592mm wide with a vertical standing seam at both edges and UV protection on the top side. Offering a solid transparent finish with the same light transmission as glass, that is lighter and more impact resistant.


Perfect Clarity with High Impact Resistance

While Danpalon® Compact panels are lightweight, they are also 250 times more impact resistant than common glass panels. The unique standing seam edge on Danpalon® panels give added strength and water tightness; up to 200 times stronger than glass! Proven to withstand the harsh Australian climate and manufactured in a consistent quality, Danpalon® Compact panels are perfect for skillion (straight) or curved, totally transparent and creative roofs.


Design Flexibility

Danpal gives you the freedom to bring your vision to life in any size, shape and colour. Danpalon® Compact panels are stocked in Australia at up to 12 metres in one continuous length, and can be supplied and installed as straight panels or cold bent on-site. From the purity of clear to warm hues and vibrant red, Danpalon® Compact panels are available in a rainbow of colours without the need for lamination.

Product Benefits
  • Glass-Like Clarity and Transparency
  • CodeMark Certified
  • Group 1 Fire Classification According to AS5637.1
  • 100% Leak-proof
  • 99% UV Protection
  • Extreme Impact Resistant Compared to Glass
  • Lightweight and Easier to Handle During Installation
  • Cold Bend Panels On-Site Without Thermoforming
  • Control SHGC (Solar Heat Gain) with Our Wide Colour Options
  • Environmentally Friendly Product That Is Fully Recyclable
  • Compatible with Proprietary Danpal Systems
Technical Data

For technical product properties view the brochure or contact us to discuss further.

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