Roofing Systems

Lightweight, Durable Polycarbonate Solutions

Light from Above

When it comes to daylighting buildings from above, light intensity, UV protection and flexible installation is key. Our translucent and transparent dry-glazed solutions are suitable for any type of structure, providing the opportunity to explore new possibilities for designing buildings filled with light.

Danpal polycarbonate systems are adaptable to meet building-specific performance requirements and design needs.

Our range of Danpal roofing systems brings natural light indoors or outdoors, allowing you to illuminate your walkway, balcony or awning.

Our polycarbonate panels are flexible and easy to install, making your design options virtually endless. Tested to protect against UV rays and harsh elements including rain, wind and hail, the structural integrity of the material is retained, even with slight curving.

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The Danpal Roofing Range


Solarspace Roof

Self-Supporting Flush Underside Solution


Freespan Roof

Self-Supporting Structural Rafter Solution


Seamless Roof

Self-Supporting Flush Outside Solution


Traditional Roof

Conventional Solution Over Framing


Compact System

Transparent Polycarbonate Roofing Solutions

DanPal_AU_FEB_2021_EB roof_Side_render_LOW_01

Everbright® Roof

Pre-Fabricated Glazing Without Visible Joints


Controlite® Roof

Roof Double Glazing with Integrated Shading


Spacetruss™ Roof

Pre-Engineered Solution for Large Spans

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