DanpaShade Aura

Unique Polycarbonate Louvre Shading System

Shade with Colour and Translucency

This revolutionary new polycarbonate shading solution is designed to provide thermally efficient shading to any building, while also providing a vibrant architectural statement. The ultra-smart design replaces the need for heavier, more expensive mechanical louvre systems.

DanpaShade Aura ensures thermal comfort with good light levels throughout the year while increasing your building’s energy efficiency and providing a unique multi-coloured visual effect. The new dynamic ‘shade-shift technology’ is completely unique in its approach to other external fixed louvre systems.

Create internal spaces with the perfect balance of light and shade using premium quality Danpal polycarbonate louvres.

Shade With Impact


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Product Advantages

Shade-Shift Technology

The unique cell structure utilises a zigzag pattern that limits glare and solar radiation, while still permitting sufficient natural light; providing a welcoming shade that is illuminating.

DanpaShade Aura system utilises shade-shift technology that filters daylight as the sun traces the sky, providing perfect ambience throughout the day.

The DanpaShade Aura louvres are bespoke polycarbonate panels, with optional colours and opacities.


Temperature Control

Keep cool in summer and comfortable in winter without relying heavily on HVAC systems. DanpaShade Aura is an energy efficient system that helps your building to reduce solar heat gains while enhance its architectural attractiveness.


Retrofit or Future-Fit Your Building

The lightweight prefabricated DanpaShade Aura system can be elegantly retrofitted to almost any building without damage to the building’s façade.

Should you ever need to freshen up, the polycarbonate louvres are easy to switch out and replace with a style of colour.


2 In 1 Colours

Make a statement with a revolutionary shading solution. The translucent louvres in the DanpaShade Aura system are bespoke, fin-shaped polycarbonate panels that carry two alternating colours. Specify clear or opaque fins with colours of your choosing, or consider options that are completely transparent or translucent.

Experience a colour-shift effect that brings a building to life. As your viewing angle changes, the colours blend to give your structure a fresh look every time.


Shade Your Way – Horizontal or Vertical

There’s more than one way to style a building. DanpaShade Aura can be installed horizontally, vertically or both, on the same building. To add that extra touch, the system includes aluminium brackets that enable the louvres to be installed at three separate angles; 90, 45 or 22.5 degrees.


Go Green

DanpaShade Aura lowers a building’s solar heat gains without curbing the benefits of natural light, thus reducing its reliance on air conditioning and artificial lighting. We’ll help you meet the latest green building standards and government building efficiency regulations, and set you on the path to having a carbon neutral building.


Shade with the times and evolve from traditional louvre systems. With DanpaShade Aura, you can enjoy a comfortable, light controlled interior and an awe-inspiring exterior.

Product Benefits
  • Unique, Bespoke Polycarbonate Louvre Panels
  • Energy Efficient Shading Solution
  • Shade-Shift Technology
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation at 3 Different Angles
  • Translucent or Transparent Options Available
  • Colour-Shift Effect; Dual-Colour Integration
  • Filters Natural Daylight
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Install, Replace and Retro-Fit
Technical Data


Typical System Drawings:

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