Aesthetic Elegance

Creating an Artistic and Visual Equilibrium

“For me beauty is valued more than anything – the beauty that is manifest in a curved line or in an act of creativity.”
Oscar Niemeyer


The various panel structures in the Danpal polycarbonate glazing range provide an unparalleled range of choices for achieving a suitably distinctive visual appearance on your project. Experiment with a combination of opacity, translucency and transparency while creating stunning architectural features.

We love bringing amazing ideas to life. Specialising in both standard and customised systems, our talented team can offer an innovative solution for your space that looks unique in every way.

Danpal offers high-quality translucent and transparent polycarbonate systems for:



Colours and Shades of the Rainbow

Danpal polycarbonate glazing materials are available in a vast spectrum of colours to bring your artistic ideas to life, and can ensure that it does not fade with time. There are many playful and practical colours ready to supply, with complete customisation available for that distinctive signature look when you need it.







Lasting Visual Effects

The inherent glossiness and dispersiveness of Danpalon® microcell panels can be adjusted or enhanced according to your personal preference. We offer matte finishes, iridescent appearances and surface protection treatments.







Environmentally Friendly

All of our polycarbonate glazing panels are compatible with specially made proprietary framing, meaning our systems are lightweight, impact resistant, watertight and environmentally friendly.

Rest assured that the assembly process requires no caulking or adhesives, eliminating the difficulties of sealant and adhesive bond failure common to traditional systems, resulting in longer system life.

The superior double-tooth standing seam connection and microcell structure of the panels provides exceptional strength, unique aesthetic interest and harnesses natural light to create a source of comfort, curiosity and well-being.






Speak to Us About Your Designs

Danpal colours and finishes can be mixed to provide wind resistance and protect from other elements, as well as improve the overall aesthetic of your design. We can tailor a solution to meet your requirements and bring your vision to life. Get in touch with the team to discuss our product capabilities.

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