Compact System

Clear Roofing Compact Solution with High Impact Resistance

Total Transparency Without Limits

Danpal Compact system gives you the beauty and clarity of glass with all the advantages of polycarbonate.

The crisp clarity of Danpalon® Compact transparent polycarbonate panels can be supported by the proprietary structural rafters of the Danpal Freespan Roof system or installed over conventional framework made from any material.

250 Times More Impact Resistant Than Glass

Danpalon® Compact panels are incredibly flexible and lightweight compared to conventional glazing, they are up to 200 times stronger and 250 times more impact resistant than glass; meaning less breakage and no shattering.

Product Advantages

CodeMark (Australia) Approved

Danpal Compact Roof systems are CodeMark certified through SAI Global.


Combine with The Freespan Roof System

Danpalon® Compact panels are compatible with the Danpal Freespan Roof system. Suitable for skillion (straight) and curved designs with large spans, the structural rafter bars support the panels from below.

The entire assembly uses no caulking or adhesives, eliminating the difficulties of sealant and adhesive bond failure common to traditional systems.


Suitable for Any Structure with The Traditional Roof System

Danpalon® Compact panels can be installed over and around any frame; be it timber, steel or a combination of both. Part of the Danpal Traditional Roof system, polycarbonate and aluminium connection profiles have been designed for the Compact panels to be secured to the sub-structure without being pierced.

This provides a huge degree of flexibility for installation and design. Architects and designers have complete freedom to create spectacular glazed areas of unlimited size and shape.


Easy Connection

Both Danpal Compact Roof systems interlock the Compact panels seamlessly together, ensuring 100% waterproofing. This clever design feature of the panels reduces excess material costs and increases longevity of the panels.


Perfect Clarity with High Impact Resistance

Danpalon® Compact panels are stronger and more impact resistant than glass. Offering true transparency like glass but at a fraction of the weight and cost, Compact panels retain heat and emits it evenly.

Danpalon® Compact panels are perfect for low-pitched roof designs and can be cold bent on-site or thermoformed to form tight curves – adapting to all creative transparency ideas.

Product Benefits
  • CodeMark Certified
  • Compliant with All Wind and Live Load Requirements Throughout Australia
  • Glass-Like Clarity and Transparency
  • Suitable for Any Structure
  • Suitable with Proprietary Rafter System by Danpal
  • Extreme Impact Resistant Compared to Glass
  • Watertight
  • Superior Light and Visual Appearance
  • Available in Curved or Straight Configurations
  • Lightweight and Easier to Handle During Installation
  • Incorporates Danpalon® Compact Panels
Technical Data

Typical System Drawings:

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