Spacetruss™ Roof

Pre-Engineered Polycarbonate Solution for Large Spans

An Attractive and Structurally Efficient Enclosure for Large Areas

Danpal Spacetruss™ System simplifies the design, procurement and construction of large free-spanning polycarbonate roofs. It features a combination of aluminium and steel components that are economical and attractive, maximising visual cleanness while minimising material costs.

Large polycarbonate roofing structures no longer require harsh and unattractive design solutions. Danpalon® panels can be seamlessly woven into the architectural design of a building.

Designed for Large Shade Structures

Product Advantages

Versatile Glazing Configurations

The Spacetruss™ Roof system is a versatile, convenient pre-engineered solution. It is the ideal way to support Danpalon® Microcell 16mm thick 1040mm wide glazing panels over very large distances. Danpalon® panels can be installed above the trusses, below them or on both sides depending on the visual preference and insulation requirement.

Alternatively, any other roofing material (such as corrugated metal roofing) can be installed by using proprietary brackets to attach purlins onto the trusses up to 3.0 metres apart.


A Floating Finish

The proprietary trusses attach to structural beams using special brackets that cater for free lateral thermal movement, resulting in a floating system with no stress on the materials.

Product Benefits
  • Superior Curved or Straight Spanning Capability 
  • Suits Various Roofing Materials
  • Pre-Engineered to Comply with All Wind and Live Load Requirements Throughout Australia
  • Versatile and Convenient
  • Structurally Efficient 
  • High Thermal Insulation
  • Superior Air and Water Tightness
  • Variable Levels of Light Transmission
  • Incorporates Danpalon® Microcell 16mm Panels
Technical Data

Typical System Drawings:

Project Gallery

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