Seamless Roof

Self-Supporting Roof System with A Flush Outside Finish

Large Spanning Polycarbonate Roofs with No External Joints

Danpal Seamless Roof system is a large spanning solution with inverse installation of Danpalon® translucent polycarbonate panels, creating a completely smooth and seamless appearance above. Aluminium connectors are located below the roof panels, resulting in a unique rafter frame look. The system is easy to install with a flexible joint that allows for lateral movement.

polycarbonate panels, resulting in a unique rafter frame look. The roofing system is easy to install with a flexible joint that allows for lateral movement.

Uninterrupted, Flat Polycarbonate Roof Top

The Seamless Roof system features trusted Danpal technology, workmanship and structural integrity. The dry-glazed Danpalon® translucent panels clip easily into proprietary aluminium connectors, giving it a unique design edge.

Product Advantages

CodeMark (Australia) Approved

Danpal Seamless Roof is CodeMark certified through SAI Global.


Inverse Connection
The Danpal Seamless Roof system offers large spans through self-supporting proprietary aluminium connectors located below the panels. Danpalon® translucent panels are installed with the standing seam facing down, creating a flush exterior surface.

Designed for fixing to a building or onto a minimal sub-frame, the orientation of the Seamless Roof system minimises maintenance requirements and delivers a spectacular clean visual look.


High Impact Resistance and Strength

The strong connectors and double “click” locking seam on the Seamless Roof system offers the highest resistance to impact and hail damage. With the aluminium connectors acting like rafters, the Seamless system is straightforward and simple to install.


Weather Ready and UV Protected
For any product to be used in Australia, it must be proven and resilient. Danpal products are made strong enough to withstand harsh UV rays, rain, hail, wind and more, guaranteeing a longer system life.

Product Benefits
  • CodeMark Certified
  • Compliant with All Wind and Live Load Requirements Throughout Australia
  • Flush External Roof Finish
  • Flexible Joint Allows for Lateral Movement
  • Self-Supporting Proprietary System
  • Superior Light and Visual Appearance
  • Large Span Capability
  • Impact and Hail Resist
  • Watertight
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and Easy Installation
  • Suitable for all Danpalon® Microcell, 3DLite and Kinetic Panels
Technical Data

Typical System Drawings:

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