Danpalon® KINETIC

Dual Colour Panel with Dynamic Effect - NEW!

An Innovative New Panel that Brings You Exciting New Design Possibilities

Danpalon® Kinetic panels are produced from high-quality polycarbonate using unique extrusion technology unlike any other. The internal multicellular structure integrate alternating coloured surfaces, arranged diagonally between the two outer skins.

Danpalon® Kinetic enables the creation of animated façades, walls and partitions with dynamic effects not seen before. There’s no denying the brilliance you can achieve with this polycarbonate panel.

Two Styles, One Creation


Product Advantages

Standing Seam Connection

Danpalon® Kinetic is a 16mm thick by 600mm wide polycarbonate panel with two diagonal walls between the two outer skins. Offering a U-Value of 2.3 W/m2k, Light Transmission of approximately 5% (depending on the colour), and weighs 2750 g/m2.

All Danpalon® panels are manufactured with superior double-tooth standing seam edges; providing increased durability, impact resistance, and air and water tightness. Along with co-extruded UV protection, connecting panels together is a breeze.


Designs Like No Other

When using Danpalon® Kinetic panels, a building changes its appearance according to angle from which it is seen; providing intriguing variations in lighting, colour, opacity and translucency. The two-colours game with Danpalon® Kinetic panels create a dynamic and animated effect that brings any space to life.

Its appealing, innovative appearance revitalises any building; rejuvenating older buildings or providing a revolutionary design solution when planning a new building. Danpalon® Kinetic can be used to design façades and interiors to create uniquely dynamic and animated effects. Depending on the angle of viewing, the building changes appearance with the play of light; altering the colour and translucency of the panel.


Endless Possibilities

Fascinating design is all a matter of perspective, and that’s exactly what you get with Danpalon® Kinetic. The dynamic design solution that enables the viewer to see a structure in one colour from one direction, and another colour from the other direction, provide a dynamic visual experience that changes depending on your perspective.

Danpalon® Kinetic panels incorporate two alternating facets of different colours, placed obliquely to each other. The two diagonal walls can be produced in a selection of colours, giving architects and designers the ability to combine two colours in one panel.

Danpalon® Kinetic panels are available in an unparalleled choice of exciting colour combinations unique to Danpal.

Our Softlite and HP finishes are not recommended for Danpalon® Kinetic.

Product Benefits
  • Unique Dynamic Look
  • Two Colours in One Polycarbonate Panel
  • Infinite Combinations of Contemporary Colours
  • Alternate Opacity and Translucency
  • Environmentally Friendly Product That Is Fully Recyclable
  • Compatible with Danpal Systems and Glazing Systems by Others
Technical Data

For technical product properties view the brochure or contact us to discuss further.

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