Self-Supporting Transparent or Translucent Jointless Solution

Clean, Free Spanning, Self-Supporting

Everbright® is a versatile, large spanning, transparent or translucent jointless polycarbonate solution that is easy to install. The strong, self-supporting polycarbonate panels are assembled in Australia as a dry-glazed system, made to high standards in factory conditions.

This pre-fabricated system offers excellent thermal insulation, and full UV protection. It is widely used for façade and roofing applications in a range of colours and finishes, incorporated with proprietary componentry.

The Strongest Translucent System In The World

Everbright® offers high thermal insulation (low U-Values), excellent rigidity under load, and exceptional light quality using open-celled 74mm thick panels. No additional framing is required for up to 12 metres free curved spans and 4.38 metres skillion (straight) spans.

Product Advantages

Cutting Edge Visual Design

Everbright® panels are 74mm deep open-cells with a special concealed locking system, allowing architects and designers to achieve seamless joins without losing structural integrity.

The unique dome shape profile promotes self-cleaning and does not require visual intermediate framing. Offering an even finish on both sides and choice of direct or filtered light, Everbright® has good thermal insulation (low U-Values) and is available in a selection of colours and additional finishes.


Unique Finishes

Nanogel is a special translucent thermal gel added within the Everbright® cells to provide increased insulation and climatic performance. The slight reduction in light transmission from this finish eliminates glare and the stark neon effect from artificial lighting.

Polycool is a unique perforated metallic foil that is inserted within the Everbright® cells to significantly cut down heat.


Clean Looking, Large Spans

Everbright® can free span up to 12 metres in curved applications and 4.38 metres in skillion (straight) applications with no intermediate framing. Panels can be made to up to 12 metres in length and in variable width configurations, eliminating the need for step joins.

Manufactured off-site in factory conditions, the risk of dust and moisture build-up is eliminated. Panels can be easily assembled as a dry-glazed system and installation is simple with ready-made panels, so on-site time is minimal.


Environmentally Sustainable

The self-supporting Everbright® panels require minimal additional supports and fixtures, and are made to size so there is no wastage. The insulative properties inherently protect users from harmful UV protection, and there is less need for artificial lighting, heating and cooling; contributing to a better green energy rating for the building.


Colour Your Way

Standard Everbright® colours are Clear, Opal, Ice White, and Blue. Any colour is available when panels are made-to-order, subject to production surcharges.

Product Benefits
  • Self-Cleaning Dome Shape Profile
  • Large Spans for Both Curved and Straight Applications
  • Trafficable and Impact Resistant
  • Superior Panel Strength (74mm thick)
  • High Thermal Insulation
  • Waterproof, Rigid and Safe
  • Variable Lengths and Width Configurations
  • Silicone Free System (Dry Joints)
  • Easy On-Site Installation
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Environmentally Friendly Product That Has Minimal Waste and Is Fully Recyclable
  • Uses A Minimal Proprietary Framing System for Façades and Roofing
Technical Data

For technical product properties (including SHGC and U-Values) view the brochure or contact us to discuss further.

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