Self-Supporting Transparent or Translucent Jointless Solution

Clean, Free Spanning, Self-Supporting

Everbright® is a versatile, large spanning, transparent or translucent jointless polycarbonate solution that is easy to install. The strong, self-supporting polycarbonate panels are assembled in Australia as a dry-glazed system, made to high standards in factory conditions.

This pre-fabricated system offers excellent thermal insulation, and full UV protection. It is widely used for façade and roofing applications in a range of colours and finishes, incorporated with proprietary componentry.

The Strongest Translucent System In The World

Everbright® offers high thermal insulation (low U-Values), excellent rigidity under load, and exceptional light quality using open-celled 74mm thick panels. No additional framing is required for up to 12 metres free curved spans and 4.38 metres skillion (straight) spans.

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