Framed Façade

The Optimal Balance of Solar & Thermal Dynamics

A Picture Perfect Framed Solution

Danpal Framed Façades utilise integrated vertical connectors and a proprietary perimeter aluminium frame for strength and high impact resistance.

By incorporating the superior flexibility, transparency, and tonal qualities of Danpalon® Microcell glazing panels, Framed Façades provide excellent insulating properties, balanced thermal comfort, and even light diffusion while still offering a flush, seamless finish on the external side.

Single- or Double-Glazed Translucent Façade

Danpal Framed Façades can be designed and installed as a single- or double-layered dry-glazed daylighting system; enabling the integration of LED lighting systems or light diffusing insulation.

When designing your next project, give your clients an optimal daylighting solution and maximum flexibility with a Danpal modular façade system.

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