Freespan Roof

Self-Supporting Roof System with Proprietary Framing Below

Rafters Integrated with Danpalon® Panels

Danpal Freespan Roof system is a large spanning solution comprised of proprietary structural rafters directly under the seams of Danpalon® polycarbonate panels, creating a continuously clean finish with no framework shadowing. The versatility of this CodeMark certified roofing system means greater flexibility when designing for your clients.

The rafters are fully certified for a range of skillion (straight) and curved designs that are easy to install.

Specially Designed Rafters

The Freespan Roof system features trusted Danpal technology, workmanship and structural integrity. The dry-glazed polycarbonate connectors clip easily over proprietary aluminium rafters, giving it a unique design edge.

Product Advantages

CodeMark (Australia) Approved

Danpal Freespan Roof is CodeMark certified through SAI Global.


Proprietary Rafter Bars
The Danpal Freespan Roof system contains self-supporting aluminium rafter bars that lock Danpalon® polycarbonate panels from below and secures them with polycarbonate connectors from above. Suitable for any design and span, Freespan rafters are available in an extensive range of functional and aesthetic options; including suspending fans and lighting.

Designed for fixing to a building or onto a minimal sub-frame, the Freespan framing is inline with the joining seams of Danpalon® polycarbonate panels, creating a clean and “clutter-free” look with reduced framework shadowing.


High Impact Resistance and Strength

Danpal’s Freespan rafters make installation straightforward and simple. The strong rafter bars and connectors work together with the locking seam of the polycarbonate roof panels to offer the highest resistance to impact and hail damage.


Weather Ready and UV Protected
For any product to be used in Australia, it must be proven and resilient. Danpal products are made strong enough to withstand harsh UV rays, rain, hail, wind and more, guaranteeing a longer system life. The Freespan connection system also assures the prevention of water penetration, making it 100% leak-proof.

Product Benefits
  • CodeMark Certified
  • Compliant with All Wind and Live Load Requirements Throughout Australia
  • Self-Supporting Proprietary System
  • Superior Light and Visual Appearance
  • Suitable for Suspending Fans and Lighting Below The Panels
  • Large Span Capability
  • Available in Curved or Straight Configurations
  • Impact and Hail Resist
  • Watertight
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and Easy Installation
  • Suitable for all Danpalon® Microcell and Kinetic Panels
Technical Data

Typical System Drawings:

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