Danpalon® 3DLITE

Dynamic Multicellular Panel for Solar Control

Passive Daylighting with a Stunning 3D Effect

Danpalon® 3DLite is a unique polycarbonate panel; the internal structure is a combination of alternating transparent and opaque louvres. The placement of the internal louvres in the design contributes to its three-dimensional look.

Fully utilising natural light in interiors can be challenging. Aesthetics aside, the dynamic multicellular structure serve practical purposes as well; Danpalon® 3DLite helps control the level of natural light, illumination and solar heat penetration.

An Innovative Combination of Shading and Daylighting

Offering the visual effect of louvres in a completely waterproof solution, Danpalon® 3DLite is a static, cost-effective solution that stops direct heat and glare. This innovative panel structure helps capture morning and afternoon sunlight while blocking overhead sun in the hottest part of the day. Perfect for roofing and walling applications.

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