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The Danpal Way

Our Purpose

Creating Healthier Living and Working Environments for All

Our Mission

Supporting Iconic, Sustainable Architecture

Our Vision

Increasing the Prevalence of Daylight in Architecture for the Benefit of Society


Our Promise

We believe that inspired design can change the world; when communities harness the power of the collective, the boundaries of possibility get pushed to new heights. In the quest for innovation, a partnership with Danpal comes with an iron-clad promise; to collaborate with fervour and reliability, to design with intention and integrity, to deliver the highest quality solutions that modern technology offers and to continue to transform our work and living environments for the better.


Our History

Tomorrow’s world is built today. Through creativity, collaboration and critical thinking, Danpal provides inspired light architecture solutions that improve energy efficiency and support the psychological and physiological benefits of natural light to promote healthier, stronger, sustainable communities.

Since its debut on the French market in the 1980s, our Danpalon® daylighting systems have revolutionised architectural designs, supplying thousands of projects in over 60 countries, by harnessing the energy efficiency of thermal and light transmissions of natural light.

As the industry leaders of daylighting solutions, we look forward to walking alongside you and supporting your projects from the first sketches, to its awe-inspiring completion.


Our Method

We believe that inspired design must still be practical and accessible. A partnership with a trusted Danpal advisor can identify compelling light architecture solutions that are affordable, yet can transform work and living environments for the better. Give your clients only the best with our reliable Danpal solutions.



  • Delivers systematic, organised planning approach to provide the necessary products and functions in a project, at the most economical cost.
  • Promotes the substitution of materials and methods without sacrificing functionality or design aesthetics.
  • Focused solely on the functions of various components and materials that address construction methods, transportation issues, site limitations or restrictions, rather than their physical attributes.
  • Delivers reductions in construction and lifecycle costs, improvement in quality, reduction of environmental impacts and much more.



Due to the unique demands of our modern lifestyles, our health is being impacted by an alarming shortage of exposure to daylight. The benefits of daylight and photobiology are essential for both our psychological and physiological health; to create sustainable societal structures, our architecture must evolve to meet our holistic needs.

  • Daylight expands blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, increases cardiovascular function, influences the quality of sleep, helps to protect our nervous system, reduces inflammation and strengthens our bones.
  • The replacement of artificial light with natural light has positive effects on hyperactivity, attention deficiency and fatigue in children, as well as boosts productivity, motivation, concentration, mood and wellbeing in adults.


Our Product

Danpal manufactures, designs and markets high quality translucent and transparent daylighting systems for façades, roofing, skylights, interior applications, solar shading and opaque cladding. Danpalon® multicellular polycarbonate panels are made from the highest quality resin and are co-extruded with market-leading UV protection technology invented by Danpal.

Compatible with specially designed proprietary framing, Danpal polycarbonate systems are strong yet lightweight, impact resistant, able to achieve large spans, watertight, environmentally friendly and offers superior thermal insulation. The entire assembly uses no caulking or adhesives, eliminating the difficulties of sealant and adhesive bond failure common to traditional systems, resulting in longer system life.

The superior double-tooth standing seam connection system and microcell structure of the panels provides exceptional strength, unique aesthetic interest and harnesses natural light to create a source of comfort, curiosity and wellbeing for your clients.



In light of rising electricity costs and energy reduction targets, we have reached a critical need for enhanced sustainability within our built environments. In the pursuit of lowered environmental impacts and passive construction, Danpal’s use of light architecture is key to improving energy efficiencies.

  • Creative use of daylight reduces the need for artificial lighting.
  • More efficient use of insulation reduces heating and cooling costs.
  • Using low ‘U’ and high ‘R’ values in materials provides retention of passive heat gains and reduced energy loss.
  • Incorporating shading and controlled light transmission reduces solar radiation.



Using Danpal ensures peace of mind for customers, who rely upon systems being compliant to Australian regulations and are manufactured to the highest quality. Compliance objectives include:

  • CodeMark certification available for Danpalon® panels and the proprietary roofing and façade systems that feature them; in fact, Danpal is the only manufacturer of multiwall polycarbonate products with CodeMark certification.
  • As part of our commitment to fire safety, all Danpal systems have the highest Group 1 rating according to Specification C1.10 of the National Construction Code (NCC).
  • Tested by the Australian Government’s primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety, Danpalon® panels are accredited with 99.9% UVR Protection and 50+ Protection Factor (UPF Rating) by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency).
  • All Danpal systems are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • New and naturally aged Danpalon® panels with various frame types have passed the severe impact test requirements referenced in AS1562-3.
  • Single and double-layered Danpal configurations have demonstrated exceptionally good resistance to air and water penetration through a range of permeability tests.


For more detailed information, you can browse our comprehensive overview of compliance objectives across certifications, fire testing, UV & UPF sun protection, sustainability, impact resistance and weatherproofing.



The Danpal Difference


Rising to The Challenge; Design, Manufacture and Logistics

Since its origin, Danpal has strived to shake up architectural codes, support avant-garde projects and to achieve feats of technical mastery. 50 years later, modern environmental and societal conventions, heightened creativity and emerging innovations have only intensified this desire.

Working with the world’s innovators almost always involves a challenging design brief; a challenge we revel in. Your projects are our projects; and each project pushes us to grow, to innovate and to find a better way.

We understand that inspiration more often than not comes to our customers when it is least expected; an image, the play of light across a room, a challenge that stands in the way of greatness. As famous architect Norman Foster once said, inspiration can come from something that nobody else sees. Here at Danpal Australia, we work collaboratively with the key project stakeholders to create building solutions that are both practical and visually spectacular to ensure your clients receive only the best outcome for their project.

We are a reliable collaborator and partner to architects, designers, certifiers, engineers, developers and contractors. From specification and technical guidance at design development, to installation assistance for project completion, we are committed to providing unparalleled support in a process of consultative review to achieve feats of excellence.

For more information of our collaboration process, see our full service offering.


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