The Original and Best Microcellular Glazing Panel

Microcell Panels with Standing Seam Connection

The superior double-tooth standing seam edges and microcell structure on Danpalon® panels provide increased durability, impact resistance, thermal insulation, air and water tightness, and ensure connecting panels together is a breeze.

10 Times More Cells for Extra Insulation, Impact and Weather Resistance

Danpalon® Microcell polycarbonate panels have tightly spaced rib supports to provide the best combination of translucency and strength. Having up to ten times more cells than other structured panels on the market ensures Danpalon® Microcell panels offer superior impact strength and high-quality light diffusion.

Flexible and easy to curve, this versatile product is suitable for all exterior and interior applications; including doors and windows or as decorative features.

Product Advantages

CodeMark (Australia) Approved

Danpalon® Microcell panels are made from the highest quality resin and are co-extruded onto both external sides of the panel with market-leading UV protection technology invented by Danpal. This ensures superior colour stability, longevity and durability, as well as the highest possible production quality resulting in CodeMark accreditation through SAI Global.


Low Conductivity, High Insulation

All Danpalon® Microcell panels are manufactured with more cells and layers than traditional panels. In fact, our panels have ten times the number of cells than the standard sheet on the market. Thanks to their fine microcell structure, we get better thermal insulation through significantly lower thermal conductivity and exceptional ventilation.


Impact and Weather Resistant, Durability

The unique standing seam edge on Danpalon® panels give added strength, and air and water tightness, while the density from the additional layers and cells makes Danpalon® stronger against hailstones and other small objects.

Compared to classic alveolar panel structures and other open-celled products, the minimal space and tight ribbing between the vertical supports of the Danpalon® Microcell structure offers the highest resistance to impact and hail damage. The high concentration of cells provides Danpalon® microcell panels with improved mechanical properties and rigidity.


Effortless Daylighting and Light Diffusion

Danpalon® contributes to optimal efficiency and significant savings in energy costs. The microcell structure transmits an even diffusion of natural light, producing a rich look and comfortable ambient space. Specifically designed for architectural daylight applications, the tight spacing between the ribs produces an exceptional quality of light and a unique iridescence – reflecting and dispersing light in a way unmatched by any other material.

Product Benefits
  • Unique Microcell Technology
  • CodeMark Certified
  • Group 1 Fire Classification According to AS5637.1
  • 100% Leak-proof
  • 99.9% UVR Blocked and 50+ Protection Factor
  • High Impact Resistant Against Hailstones and Other Small Objects
  • Exceptional Thermal Insulation
  • Excellent Air and Water Tightness
  • Quality Diffused Daylight
  • Super Lightweight
  • Cold Bend Panels On-Site Without Thermoforming
  • Design Flexibility with Wide Colour Options
  • Environmentally Friendly Product That Is Fully Recyclable
  • Easy Installation
  • Compatible with All Danpal Systems and Glazing Systems By Others
Technical Data

For technical product properties (including SHGC and U-Values) view the brochure or contact us to discuss further.

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