DanpaShade Umbra

Operable or Static Wide Louvre System

Maximum Control Over Light and Heat

DanpaShade Umbra is a translucent shading system that uses Danpalon® polycarbonate panels, providing maximum control over light and heat, extended UV protection and high impact resistance. Users can adjust the louvres to create their desired balance of light and shade, providing an energy saving option and the perfect shading for any building.

Design your spaces with protection at the front of mind.

Play with Light, Shade and Colour

Product Advantages

Give Buildings New Life

With the DanpaShade Umbra system shading becomes a creative tool to dynamically transform the exterior. Available in a variety of colours, finishes and effects, give new or refurbished buildings an appealing, innovative exterior design with ease.


Fully Adjustable

The DanpaShade Umbra translucent shading system can be installed on various types of building environments, and in a variety of colour combinations using Danpalon® glazing panels. The system can be fixed or operable, fully adjustable and suitable with other building automation systems.

Danpalon® polycarbonate panels offer co-extruded UV protection, resulting in longer system life and colour stability. The panel’s unique multicellular structure transmits an even diffusion of natural light. Customers can select light transmission levels to create their desired balance of light and shade, achieving the right atmosphere.


All-Weather Design

DanpaShade Umbra is suitable in all weather conditions and compliant with all building code requirements. The system uses a double tooth grip-lock connection that ensures extended longevity even when subject to high wind loads.


Simple and Low Cost Installation
The system contains snap on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made of aluminium – providing simple and low cost installation.

By incorporating exterior shading to a building, you can lower energy consumption by reducing the need for air-conditioning, heating, and artificial lighting.

Product Benefits
  • Flush, Seamless Finished Surfaces
  • Fully Adjustable and Suitable with Building Automation Systems
  • Wide Range of Colours and Finishes
  • Unlimited Design Flexibility
  • Evenly Diffused Light
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and Cost-Effective Installation
  • Suitable for all Danpalon® Microcell, 3DLite and Kinetic Panels
Technical Data


Typical System Drawings:

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