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Fire Testing and BCA Performance-Based Solutions


Deemed-to-Satisfy Solutions, National Construction Code (NCC) Building Code of Australia

As part of our commitment to fire safety, all Danpalon-based systems have the highest group rating according to Specification C1.10 of the National Construction Code (NCC). This number is an indication of the materials’ fire hazard properties, with Group 1 being the highest classification (least hazardous) and Group 4 being the poorest performing classification (most hazardous).

Danpalon® has a Group 1 fire classification according to AS5637.1

This represents a Deemed-to-Satisfy result for all internal applications and for use on any part of a building required to be of Type C construction without sprinkler protection. CodeMark certification is available to confirm this Deemed-to-Satisfy compliance status.

Read about our CodeMark certification here.


Performance-Based Solutions, National Construction Code (NCC) Building Code of Australia

The National Construction Code (NCC) Building Code of Australia (BCA) defines Performance Solutions as a building solution that complies with the Performance Requirements other than satisfying the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) provisions.

Being a performance-based code, the NCC BCA allows Performance Solutions to encourage innovation, artistic creativity, buildability and value engineering cost savings by satisfying compliance with the Performance Requirements.

Performance Solutions enable designers to develop an innovative solution that provides the best outcome for all stakeholders of the project.

Regardless of final outcomes, performance solutions are primarily focused on the adoption of safety measures, reduction of capital expenditure, and minimizing the risks.


Larger Buildings of Type A & B Construction are approached with Performance-Based Solutions

Danpal combines compliant testing based on the following;

  • BS8414-2: 2015 + A1: 2017 on Danpalon® FP fire retardant panels to meet performance criteria set in Annex B of BR 135:2013, as referenced by AS5113.
  • ISO 9705:2003 (R2016) Full Scale Room Test in accordance with AS5637:1 2015 provides a Group 1 material classification – Material that does not reach flashover when exposed to 100 kW for 10 minutes followed by exposure to 300 kW for a further 10 minutes.
  • Smoke Growth Rate Index (SMOGRARC) of between 1.2 and 10.5 m2/s2 x 1000, depending on the panel thickness and use of fire-retardant additives.
  • AS1530-3 Radiant Heat Testing to determine Ignitability, Flame Spread, Heat and Smoke Release.


An extensive collection of favourable fire test results locally and internationally have enabled Danpal to partner with experienced fire engineers who specialise in all facets of fire safety consultation. This partnership enables us to develop advanced fire performance engineering methodology on challenging projects in response to prescriptive National Construction Code (NCC) requirements.



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