Balancing Light

Optimal Balance of Solar and Thermal Performance

“A room is not a room without natural light.”
Louis Kahn


The best architecture provides abundant daylight while ensuring visual and thermal comfort. Danpal systems are the ideal way to manage this delicate balance, utilising their various light diffusion and reflection properties in conjunction with the experienced team at Danpal.



Dynamic Shading

In especially challenging situations, only a system that can adapt to changing climatic conditions and provide appropriate user comfort. Danpal offers a range of intelligent daylighting systems to suit this need.







Comfortable Ambient Daylight

Large daylighting features generally require the excellent glare management capabilities and high thermal insulation properties that Danpal systems inherently have. Combined with excellent structural properties and cost competitiveness, Danpal systems are ideal for atriums and vertical lighting features at any scale.







Clean and Clear Visibility

When complete transparency is essential, Danpal systems are available with much greater design flexibility and cost efficiency than conventional glass-based product options.




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