Glazing Panels

The Best in Strength, Insulation and Translucency

Modular Polycarbonate Panels

We offer a variety of translucent, transparent and opaque modular polycarbonate panels that are compatible with many of our proprietary Danpal systems.

Our materials are specifically manufactured for the harsh Australian climate and have a proven history of success over decades of use on major projects throughout Australasia.

Using the highest quality resin and co-extruded with market-leading UV protection technology invented by Danpal, we can guarantee superior longevity and durability.


The unique, longest lasting extruded polycarbonate glazing is available in a range of thicknesses, widths, colours and finishes for complete design freedom.




Explore The Range:

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The Original and Best Microcellular Polycarbonate Panel

Danpalon® COMPACT Polycarbonate

Danpalon® COMPACT

Solid Transparent Panel with Perfect Clarity

Danpalon® 3DLITE Polycarbonate

Danpalon® 3DLITE

Dynamic Multicellular Panel for Solar Control

Danpalon® KINETIC Polycarbonate

Danpalon® KINETIC

Dual Colour Panel with Dynamic Effect – NEW!

Danpal Everbright Polycarbonate Panel


Self-Supporting Transparent or Translucent Jointless Solution

Danpal Polycarbonate Colour Chart

Colour Chart

Colour Your Atmosphere

Polycarbonate Finishes Panels


Design Your Environment

Interior Polycarbonate Mood Boards

Interior Mood Boards

Diverse, Dynamic Interior Products