Curved Industrial Roofing Solution

Barrel Vault Translucent Skylight System

Danpavault is a barrel vault industrial skylight system that takes all the advantages of Danpalon® Microcell polycarbonate panels to create a skylight of unlimited length, offering easy integration with various roof types including profiled metal and concrete.

Danpalon®’s multicellular structure transmits an even diffusion of natural light, delivering superior durability, thermal insulation and extended UV protection. By offering a unique way to make large commercial skylights a design feature, Danpal’s translucent panels will provide protection and innovative style while creating a solution to your lighting challenges.

Easy Integration with Any Roof Type

The Danpavault system can be installed as a self-supporting skylight or over a metal structure covering a large range of shapes and spans. By adding aluminium framing options, such as spacers, bars or connectors, the system can be installed over small or large areas.

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