Environmental - Why we should love green buildings

Why we should love green buildings

Five Reasons Why You Will Love Green (Environmental Building Systems)

Here are some reasons to love green buildings.

No matter what applications are used (external thermal insulation, daylight systems, etc), Australian environmental building systems are going green and you are going to love it!

Community Connections

Neighbours, engineering, construction and architectural collaborators, landscapers, local tradies – green buildings bring people together. Side-by-side, work is created, the economy flourishes and at the end of the day, buildings that themselves foster connection are ready for occupants. Green environmental building systems by default bring people together through sustainable, quality, thoughtful design, low ongoing costs, open, naturally lit communal spaces. Green buildings equate to healthy, sustainable environments people embrace.

Outdoors… Indoors?

Out of all the countries in the world, Australians have an inane connection to the outside world. We have great weather and beautiful locations. Problem is, for most of us, we’re stuck inside for work and a lot of our spare time. Green environmental building systems are blurring the lines. They are introducing natural light into spaces via daylight systems, taking care of the westerly sun and heat generation through external thermal insulation and lots more. What makes this even more exciting is that it is a direct flow-on effect to other things like our energy bills, health and wellbeing. May as well bring the BBQ inside!

Ample Comfort

Comfort, healthy living and luxury are covered. Thermal and solar control, economical resource and energy use and conservation and exceptional indoor air quality. These combine to yield optimal year-round comfort.


Green environmental building systems are of great value for occupants and taxpayers. The architectural whole of life costs sees reduced costs during construction through to increased health of occupants and less strain on the healthcare system. Energy use has dropped 26% and an increase of 27% was reported in occupant satisfaction in the first 12 GSA green federal buildings recently reviewed. This was just an average. Some buildings delivered impressive independent results: energy consumption down 45%, reduced maintenance costs by 53% and conserved 39% more water.

Healthy Living and Working

Artificial light does nothing to support our circadian rhythms. We’re awake and asleep when we shouldn’t be. It contributes to weight gain, depression, headaches, fatigue and when natural light is substituted for artificial light, even more problems arise. Green, sustainable buildings incorporate intelligent daylighting systems that allow us to work and live by natural light.

Danpal Loves Being Green

Making informed choices at the design stage ensures every project is sustainable through its entire lifecycle. Landfill can be reduced by 95% or more through sustainable construction practices.

Danpal is a world leader in light architecture and sustainability.

Daylight systems, external thermal insulation and environmental building systems designed and manufactured by Danpal empower architects to design sustainably. Harnessing Australia’s natural resources, reducing the whole of life project costs and building green buildings are within our power.

This is how we do it:

• Adaptable solutions: reduce energy consumption through installations which adapt to their environment. Gives more control over the management of light and heat gain.
• HQE building approach: this approach is thorough and multi-faceted. Project collaborators work towards achieving a sustainable and comfortable space for occupants, environmental impact, waste reduction and energy efficiency.
• ADEME (Agency for Economic Development and Energy Control) and the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) partnerships: Tested Danpatherm system to obtain precise thermal performance results.
• Environmental standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are followed during manufacturing.
• Danpalon ongoing maintenance: High-pressure water cleaning with little to no detergents or soaps.
• Recycling: Off-cuts, packaging and Danpal® panels are 100% recyclable. We recycle off-cuts in house via regranulation.
• Slashed on-site fabrication, handling and waste: 95% of systems are manufactured to size and delivered to the site ready to install.
• Certified non-pollutant: Danpalon® systems are suitable for sensitive locations i.e., the Agri-food sector.

It’s already here

Luckily for us, sustainable living is here. With mass communication, technology advances and relying on our devices, we are constantly processing millions of data in our brains. The welcomed break and ‘happy space’ between disconnecting completely and managing our digital lives is sustainability.