Curtin University Looks to The Future with $15 Million Bus Interchange

Blue Tinted Clear Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets, Curtin University Bus Exchange, WA

Translucent Polycarbonate Roofing Danpalon Panels - Curtin University Bus Exchange, WA

Innovation Abounds with Translucent Roofing Panels

Blue tinted Clear Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets and Panels

Curtin University in Western Australia is not only living up to its global reputation, but it is also looking the part too.

The innovative provision of daylighting provides students and visitors to the university a modern, future-focused design while they also benefit from weather and UV protection. The Central Bus Interchange is not only aesthetically pleasing and practical, but also environmentally friendly with the use of high-quality insulating polycarbonate roof systems using recycled materials.

Transport at Curtin is an integral part of moving students to and from the university and was a key part of the Greater Curtin Master Plan. The $15 million development caters for the 500 buses that pass through the Central Bus Interchange daily during the semester (Curtin University 2019b). By 2031, the university expects to see 73,000 visitors pass through the campus each day while also housing 20,000 students (Curtin University 2019a).

Drawing the eye is one long silver and black canopy spanning the entire length of the interchange. The canopy features Danpalon’s Softlite and High Protection finishes to maximise longevity and visual comfort.

Coniglio Ainsworth Architects (CAA)

CAA look to create modern designs that push the envelope every time they start a new project (Coniglio Ainsworth Architects 2019). The Central Bus Interchange was no exception. It was so successful it drew the attention of judges at the Planning Institute of Australia in the category of Planning Excellence in the 2016 WA Awards (Planning Institute of Australia 2016).

This massive feat couldn’t have been completed without the minds and hard work of CAA, Curtin University, Arup Group, Place Laboratory and the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (Planning Institute of Australia 2016).

Blue Tinted Polycarbonate Roof Plastic

Sky Blue Canopies

The transparent blue roofing material used in the 16 over-hanging canopies enhance the blue sky on sunny days and bring a touch of spring to rainy days. The tops of the canopies have Danpal’s (2019) anti-glare, ‘Softlite’ finish applied while the undersides were given their ‘High Protection Treatment’. A wide range of finishes can be applied to Danpalon polycarbonate roofing panels through their high quality polycarbonate co-extrusion process.

Softlite surface treatment gives the panels with a matt appearance, which reduces glare during the day and at night. Polycarbonate’s inherent glossiness isn’t always desirable. Softlite ensures the design remains glare-free with even light dispersion.

High Protection Treatment is ideal for high pollution areas and structures that may be prone to graffiti attack or vandalism. The surface of the panels has an applied protective lacquer, making graffiti removal a breeze.

The Central Bus Interchange is well prepared for the 500 buses passing through daily with minimal graffiti removal maintenance requirements if needed.

Hidden Secrets
The clean yet fluid appearance of the canopies was achieved in three ways.

  1. The Danpalon canopies were engineered by Danpal to be fully self-supporting without cumbersome steel framing.
  2. The fabrication flexibility of Danpalon’s aluminium edge framing system allowed the canopies to have rounded corners for a more organic appearance.
  3. The geometric flexibility of Danpalon’s concealed standing seam connection system allowed the central canopy to have a unique twisting shape.


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