What Types of Roofing Systems Offer the Greatest Health Benefits?

Hexagon polycarbonate roofing, natural daylighting systems

Breathtaking Standing Seam Roof Skylight Installed in Veterans Office

Healthy work environments are essential for staff and client health, productivity and wellbeing. An effective way to boost health and morale is by bringing natural light inside. Architects are using alternative types of roofing systems made of quality polycarbonate as opposed to traditional roofing. Alternatives include standing seam roofs and flat roof systems. Traditional roofing systems protect against the elements and insulate. However, they do not introduce natural light into the building.

 The importance of daylighting design grows the more we learn about the extensive benefits of natural light.

Given the incredible benefits to mental health and cognitive function, it is no wonder organisations such as Veterans Affairs are renovating with light in mind.

Buildings can Improve or Hinder Health

The buildings we live and work are significant contributors to our health. Dark, poorly ventilated buildings promote poor mental and physical health. Studies show that prisoners in isolation suffer dramatic deterioration to their:

  • Physical state;
  • Mental resilience;
  • Attitude and motivation(*1).

Six Health Benefits Your Building Could Be Providing to Staff and Clients:

  1. Improved concentration(*2, 3);
  2. Greater levels of productivity(*2-4);
  3. Enhanced sense of wellbeing(*2);
  4. More in-tune with the time of the day(*2);
  5. Higher rates of satisfaction(*2, 4);
  6. Lower stress and fatigue levels(*2, 3), and much more.

Where we spend our time impacts us in a myriad of ways.

Sunlight has a multitude of chemical reactions with the physical body, nervous and endocrine systems(*3).

High-Performance Buildings for High-Performance Staff

Staff on the front lines in health, social services and emergency response are boosted in healthy work environments. These industries are under constant pressure to perform well because people are relying on them.

Daylight, PTSD & Staff

Daylight has incredibly positive effects on mental health. This is particularly relevant to veterans. Veterans have higher rates of post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD) and major depression(*5, 6). Daylight, access to and views of nature are consistent building design inclusions. They are essential for buildings with clients undergoing physical and mental health recovery(*2, 7-9).

Staff experience lower stress, greater resilience, increased concentration and productivity(*2, 3). Healthy work environments empower front line staff in their delivery of high-quality support and care.

Design Example – Veterans Affairs Regional Office Renovation, Tampa, Florida

The Regional Office for Veterans Affairs in Tampa replaced their old, yellowed roofing system. The new roof filters natural light into the entirety of the building. The benefits are extensive in this situation. The office caters to staff working with veterans and veterans themselves.

What Type of Roof System Was Used at the VA Office?

Danpal’s multicell standing seam roof system was used as both a roof and a skylight. Danpalon’s panels can span up to 12 metres (or more on request) because they are self-supporting(*10). The panels solve practical goals for the building and space from:

  • Off-site manufacturing to;
  • Being fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

Because of their long-spans, colours and finishes, they also give architects freedom in design.

Aluminium frames bring a contemporary feel to the panels encompassing the building’s roof. Matte, ice white with blue glazing Prevent glare:

  • Subtly introduce colour, and;
  • Filter light naturally into space.

The panels’ insulative properties contribute to the maintenance of heat gain and loss and improve user comfort(*11).

Learn more about Danpalon’s roofing systems and their specifications on the Danpal website.

Roof systems used in Australia must be strong enough to withstand heat, wind, rain and hail. The VA Office is a commendable example of how the multicell standing seam roof system can be used.

Give the gift of light’s healing properties in your next renovation or build.

Contact your trusted advisor at Danpal to discover what system will be best suited to your project.

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