Intelligent Daylighting System

Features rotating louvres that adjust their position during the day and assist in optimising daylight transmission levels. Rotating Louvres are used in the Controlite® system to give complete control over the transfer of heat into a building. Our Controlite® Façade translucent glazed panel system of operable louvres can also withstand the harshest seasons while also protecting the building envelope and those inside from UV damage, weather events and extreme temperatures. By managing the internal temperature of the building envelope naturally, energy costs are reduced and user comfort levels are increased.


  • Façades can make or break an architectural design. They are also fundamental in the successful performance of a building. Danpal® experts took on the challenge of creating a product which combines:
  • The highest quality craftmanship
  • Advanced technology, and
  • Design that is customisable and visually appealing.
  • The Danpal® Controlite® Façade is the result of this development and now has many years of proven experience around the world.

More Info

Maximises daylight in winter, blocks solar heat in summer Controlite® delivers optimal comfort by controlling daylight transmission and solar heat gain. Its panels enable larger skylights in commercial and public buildings, optimising light and heat – whatever the season.

Increases comfort through “optimised” daylight
The Controlite® system adapts to changing light conditions throughout the day for effective control of indoor light, shade and solar heat gain.

Reduces energy consumption
The Controlite® system significantly reduces energy use from air-conditioning, heating, and artificial lighting.

Integrates sustainable design
Controlite® panels integrate into energy-efficient building design, allowing designers to earn credit points with green building rating systems.

controlite_how-it-worksAn external sensor detects the direction of the sun and internal sensors register the level of light inside the building. The intelligent system then balances light levels, heat gain and shading to transmit appropriately filtered light, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.
Traditional glazing surfaces reflect the low angle light in the morning, afternoon, and winter. They also introduce too much solar radiation at noon, when the angle of incidence is high. The Controlite® panel optimises sunlight by adjusting the position of the louvres to suit the angle of the sun’s rays if necessary.

  • Low angle of incidence (morning, afternoon, winter): The Controlite® system sets the position of the louvres to transmit the maximum amount of daylight.
  • High angle of incidence (noon): The opaque face of the louvres reflect solar radiation to achieve the perfect balance of light and comfort, reducing heat gain and saving energy costs.