Innovative Solutions for Interiors with a Unique Range of

Distinctive Visual Appearances

Danpal® Interior solutions enable designers to explore new aesthetic possibilities, creating revolutionary spaces transformed by light. Danpal® brightens a multitude of internal surfaces: walls, partitions and interior ceilings can become radiant sculptural elements to create a unique ambience. Use your creativity to maximize the visual potential of natural or artificial light with Danpal® Interior systems


  • Wide range of colours and textures
  • Unlimited design flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Allows for both open and intimate spaces

More Info

Ability to Play with Light and Shade
Users can adjust the louvres to create their desired balance of light and shade, achieving the right atmosphere.

All-Weather Design
Suitable in all weather conditions and compliant with all building code requirements.

Microcell Technology
Made with Microcell technology, the latest and most advanced system for architectural shading applications, Danpal® Louvre Systems offer high impact resistance.Specifically designed for architectural daylight applications, the tight spacing between the ribs produces a superior quality of light and an aesthetically appealing presence.

Ideal combination of translucency and strength
The reduced spacing between panel ribs provides superior light diffusion as well as increased panel strength.With the Danpalon® system, architects can divide or decorate spaces that create a sense

Semi-transparent Appearance
With the Danpalon® system, architects can divide or decorate spaces that create a sense of both intimacy and openness, since the panels have a semi-transparent appearance.

Wide Variety of Colours and Finishes
The Danpal® Louvre translucent shading system can be installed on various types of building envelopes in a variety of colour combinations. Customers can select light transmission levels, with either a glossy or matt surface finish.