Rafter Glazing Solution

Danpal® Freespan Roofing offers large-spanning solutions that are easy to install in a wide variety of configurations.


  • Easy-to-install
  • Various trafficable design configurations
  • Compatible with Controlite system

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• Easy-to-install
• Various trafficable design configurations
• Compatible with Controlite system

Danpal® Freespan roofing and Controlite® systems are just two systems that have been embraced globally by architects, designers, building owners, builders and clients. Danpal® have pushed the envelope in light architecture and with that push has come resounding results. The interlocking polycarbonate panels that:

• filter light, solar and thermal radiation;
• provide protection for the building envelope and the building occupants;
• are energy compliant and efficient;
• as well as building compliant and easily installed;
These are just some of the reasons why Danpal® continues to be an industry leader around the globe.

Danpal® Freespan® roofing also features trusted Danpalon® technology, workmanship and structural integrity. The dry-glazed polycarbonate connectors clip easily over aluminium rafters, giving it a unique design edge. The Freespan® range is extensive, with a range of functional and aesthetic options to suit any building.

As is standard with Danpal® products, all elements are made to a streamlined, highly stringent manufacturing process to ensure every aspect is made to factory quality. All panels are made using the latest extrusion technology which is far superior in strength, life-span, impact and weather resistance, insulation, and light dispersion.

What you end up with is the ultimate system in naturally managing climate within the building envelope. This increases comfort and reduces energy costs for heating, cooling and lighting.