Easy Installation, Free spanning, Self-Supporting Roofing Solution

Everbright Roofing is assembled as a dry-glazed system made to high standards in factory conditions. The system can be installed as walls or roofing in a range of colours and finishes. No additional framing is required for up to 12-metre free curved spans and 4.38-metre skillion (straight) spans. Everbright has brilliant thermal insulation (low U values) and provides superior fire performance, diffused, natural, soft light via 74mm thick panels. Installation is simple reducing on-site construction time.


  • Excellent Fire Performance
  • High Insullation
  • Easy Onsite Installation
  • Rigid and Safe
  • Waterproof
  • Straight and Curved
  • Roofs and Walls
  • Large Spans
  • 74mm Thickness
  • UV Protection

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