Danpal multicell provides exceptional quality of light, delivers superior durability, thermal insulation and ultraviolet light protection.


  • 100% waterproof with patented frame
  • Easy-to-install self-supporting system
  • Compatible with Controlite system

More Info

High Thermal Insulation
The Danpal Façade’s unique cell structure provides better thermal insulation. This results in improved ‘U’ and ‘R’ Values, offering significant energy efficiency benefits.

High Impact Resistance and Strength
The panel’s special Microcell structure offers the highest resistance to impact and hail damage.

Superior Air and Water Tightness
Connection system assures the prevention of air and water penetration into the building.

Extended UV Protection
Danpal facade system offers top quality co-extended UV protection Danpalon panels, resulting in a longer system life.

Easy Construction
Quick, simple and cost effective installation. Easy to install with self supporting system.
100% waterproof with patented frame and compatible with Controlite systems.