Danpal marvels the world with light architecture

Three decades. 26 countries and counting. Danpalon marvels the world with polycarbonate light architecture

The new edition of Danpal’s Light Architecture magazine will soon be released, delivering inspiration from around the world. From Danpal’s translucent façade system at the highest ski resort in the French Alps to Mexico’s Monterrey stadium.

• T’Station Platinum, Gwanggyo – South Korea Mark Fran
The innovation Hankook offers their customers is showcased upon entering the building with the installation of Danpal Façade Systems. Fran designed the building with harmony as a priority. At night the building erupts with orange and ice coloured translucent façades radiating a harmonious glow to passers-by.

• Welsh National Sailing Academy, Pwllheli – Wales, UK  Mark Anstey, Ellis Williams Architects
One-of-a-kind multi-purpose building in a unique location.
Danpalon facade and roofing panels were cold curved on site to fit the round building envelope and give long-term durability against the Irish Sea and Afon Erch River. Micro-cell technology allows optimal natural light and warmth to be transmitted inside the building. The design culminated with LED lighting installed in the facades illuminating the academy at night.

• Ski-Lift, Val Thorens – France Yves De Préval, Agence Séguineau De Préval Architecte
Yves De Préval used Danpal’s facades to address both climatic and aesthetic objectives. Extreme winds, heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures meant materials had to be durable in severe conditions. Due to the lightweight nature of Danpalon panels and their modular configuration, installation was a breeze. The Danpalon façade system’s transparency allows skiers to be shielded from the weather while enjoying the views.

• City of Arts (La Cité des Arts), Saint-Denis – Réunion Island, French Overseas Territory Elisabeth Pacot, Frédéric Griffe, L’Atelier Architectes
The City of Arts stands as a monument to the long-held artistic history and future of Réunion. The 1500m2 design offers light architecture experiences at every turn across workshop and studio areas, concert hall, shop, bar, administration and outside retreats. The 350+ seat concert hall resembling a candle-lit lantern was created with Danpalon facades and 700+ lights.
Inspiring light architecture that is practical and beautiful.

• Harvey Nichols, Birmingham – England, UK Ewald Damen, ED Reeves Edit Photo
Home to high-end fashion shows, boutique shopping and a designer café, Harvey Nichols has been refurbished using a 600mm by 900mm Danpal interior system of 12-metre lengths along the walls and a suspended ceiling. The result? An immersive, exciting and inspiring store emanating luxury and exclusivity.

• Acne Studios, Cheongdam Dong – Seoul, South Korea Sophie Hicks Architects
Set amongst the chic designer streets of Seoul is the flagship store of Stockholm’s Acne Studios. Renowned architect Sophie Hicks has created a commanding contrast between the concrete interior and soft luminescence of Danpalon facades on the exterior.

• BBVA Bancomer Monterrey Stadium – Mexico City, Mexico VFO Arquitectos, Juan André Vergara and Luis Fernández De Ortega
Mexico’s monumental stadium features translucent panels that border the last 12 metres of the 50 metre cantilevered roof over the field. Waterproof joins protect the stadium and thermal glazing transmits diffused light into the stadium. The diffused light assists with live broadcasts and the spectator’s glare-free view of the field. The sweeping shape of the stadium honours the local history of steel mills and breweries.

• Alberca Universidad Politécnica Metropolitana – Pachuca, Mexico Instituto Hidalguense De La Infraestructura Fisica Educativa (INHIFE)
Principles in the refurbishment of Alberca uni Poli Metro’s pool complex were thermal retention, daylighting and protection from strong winds. A 16mm ice Danpalon panel spans the length of one side of the pool. 22mm grey and red 3D Lite panels feature at the end of the pool. Danpalon translucent façade systems cater for daylight during the day, illumination at night and satisfy all structural needs.

• L’Alqueria Del Basket – Valencia, Spain José Mart Erre Arquitectura
Two levels, 19 courts, light, comfort and durability for families to enjoy was the objective for the fast-growing basketball club. Danpalon polycarbonate panels are strong and can withstand impact from sports equipment. The glazing on the panels keeps the interior temperature balanced, free from glare, ventilated and comfortable for players and spectators.

• Oriam, National Sports Performance Centre – Edinburgh, UK James Grimley of Reiach and Hall Architects
The inspiration for Oriam’s roof design was Roberto Carlos’ impossible free kick that had enough spin to curve in its trajectory. Trusses extending 25m high support the Danpalon system that is ideal for sports stadiums and centres. Danpalon can withstand severe impact whilst transmitting comfortably diffused daylight. Danpalon removed the need for day-time artificial lighting without the glare and opened up the playing and training spaces.

• Extension of Global Standard Technology (GST) Factory – Hwaesong-Si, South Korea Han, Young-Keun, Archipoly Architecture Studio
The aesthetics of natural daylighting and environmentally friendly materials made Danpal Facades an ideal choice. The natural diffusion of light transmitted through the panels provides softened light, without harsh glares creating the signature look of the GST building.

• Porte Des Alpes Shopping Centre – Saint-Priest, France Sylvie Levallois, Arte Charpentier Architectes
The first project in the urban redevelopment of the Porte Des Alpes district. The 32ha site was last updated in 1981, but now has contemporary multi-coloured panels around its perimeter. The facades are installed with invigorating light displays behind them to illuminate the streetscape.

• The Moor City Centre Cinema Complex – Sheffield, England Simon Brown, Leslie Jones Architecture
Danpal’s VRS not only offers the building envelope water-tight protection but it keeps insulation free of moisture, dust, and vermin. It also reduces heating costs in the cool Sheffield climate. The cinema façade draws the eye and captures the imagination of passers-by.

• Intu Victoria Centre – Nottingham, England  Simon Brown, Leslie Jones Architecture
The Intu Victoria Centre was given a cutting-edge makeover. Danpal VRS was installed in customised lengths, widths and finishes to create a dynamic and appealing look. Ice facades see the building looking sharp and modern while the Softlite finish reduces glare. At night the building is awash with light. Softlite eliminates the stark neon effect common to building signs and promotes a welcoming atmosphere.

• Flagship Building – Silpakorn University, Thailand Geodesic Design
Danpalon polycarbonate sheets and metal used in harmony at Silpakorn University. Lightweight Danpalon panels were manufactured off-site and easily installed with minimal waste. The project had a tight turn-around. The façade’s insulative qualities see the inside of the building cooler during the hot and wet summers of Bangkok.

• La Lainière Office Accomodation – Roubaix, France Olivier Jost, EKOA
The primary requirement of La Lainière was to use sustainable materials, be quick to construct and reflect the local area’s resources. Danpalon polycarbonate panels do not release VOCs and are made with minimal wastage – reducing energy consumption for lighting, heating and cooling.

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