Lifestyle Working way of the future, Sydney – Renewable Energy

Translucent Polycarbonate Canopy Roofing, Controlite - Lifestyle Working Brookvale Sydney

Innovative Application with Translucent Polycarbonate Canopy Roof in a Ground Breaking Commercial Building

Built for the Future – Translucent Polycarbonate Roof, Waterless Urinals and Daylight Panels

Sydney’s ‘Lifestyle Working’ commercial building is leading the way in Australia and the world. Not only is the building ground-breaking and innovative, it is inspiring. The first of its kind in the southern hemisphere. With this development such a success, renewable offices, schools, apartments, homes and shopping centres are only around the corner.

A green future is a viable option for Australia with our rich renewables and world-class technology. The benefits to wellbeing and the economy are boundless. How? You may ask. Through clever technology and applications of things like a translucent façade system used in buildings. Or! Even a waterless urinal. Both of these applications were used at Lifestyle Working. Architects and designers are ready to deliver environmentally sound, green buildings with a positive bottom line. We’ve got the technology, the applications and the expertise to build a green future.



Energy Demand

Australia currently draws 85% of its energy from coal and gas(*1). There is no industry that isn’t feeling the pinch on the hip pocket when bills roll in. Turning off the lights can save 6%(*2) per electricity bill but that is not enough.

What about heating, cooling, ventilation and days where you need the lights on?

Many commercial buildings lack effective daylighting systems. Occupants of office buildings, hospitals, schools, universities and shopping centres (to name a few) are suffering physically and mentally while building owners are paying outlandish energy bills. Most workers see daylight on their breaks and rely on air-conditioning for temperature control (which is usually dispersed unevenly leaving some sweating and others looking for an extra pair of socks).

‘Lifestyle Working’, Brookvale, Sydney

The Northern Beaches, just outside the Sydney CBD is home to Lifestyle Working, Brookvale(*3). Nettleton Tribe architects, Patio architects, Jamie Durie, and Stable Innovations have delivered the first strata commercial precinct of its kind in Australia(*4). In addition to being an ecologically sustainable development (ESD) and receiving a 5-star NABERS(*5) energy rating and NABERS’ 6-star water rating, it offers a triple bottom line (environmental, social and economic performance)(*4).

Ecologically Sustainable ‘Verandah Society’ Developments

Lifestyle Working offers quality of ‘work-life’ and reduced energy costs to occupants. The design is modern, reflective of the industrial history of the site, community-centric boasting key concepts of the ‘verandah society’(*4, *6, *7), and offers a swimming pool, café and restaurant. It also offers meeting and work-spaces outside of the open-lit offices, access to Warringah Mall and a Northern Beaches location that would inspire anyone to go to work each day(*4).
Energy saving applications include water harvesting and storage, waterless urinals from Uridan(*8), solar energy, VRV air-conditioning, and engineered ventilation, passive energy and daylighting(*4).

Polycarbonate Canopy Roof

What makes projects such as Lifestyle Working stand out are the innovative product applications used. 16mm Danpalon was installed across the 1000m2 roof canopy(*9). The system, made of micro-cell polycarbonate panels illuminates interiors with glare-free daylight. It also increases building heat retention and reduces heat loss(*10). The roofing has a direct impact on energy use with building electricity demands reduced for heating, cooling and lighting. For Lifestyle Working, this has a massive impact on the overheads for each tenant, not to mention future-proofing the building.

If moving towards a sustainable future was a marathon, Lifestyle Working has passed the finish line. Many industries have moved past preparation and into action for a renewable future. These future-thinkers are saving money right now, doing their part for the future and setting the benchmark.


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