Environmental - The Energy Savings of Daylighting

The Energy Savings of Daylighting

Save Energy with Curtain Wall Glazing, Structural Glazing and Vertical Louvres

Did you know that 75% of the energy used across all building envelopes is for lighting and HVAC? That’s lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning at warehouses, factories, shopping centres, recreation centres, offices and homes. Can architecture help? Absolutely.

Australia is awash with ample solar radiation and daylight. And! It is completely free and available all year. Our work and home utility costs can be cut dramatically. We only need to harness and effectively control daylight and energy use.

Architects utilise daylighting applications such as curtain wall glazing, vertical louvres and structural glazing. By eliminating heat-producing appliances for lighting and HVAC, the heat those very appliances produce is also eliminated.

The last few years have seen some clever ideas in energy reduction and management. Unfortunately, there haven’t been great leaps in harnessing daylight in architectural design, that really should be embraced with a holisitc approach. Legislation and design can do more to encourage the use of a resource that we have free access to, and which is not running out being  the suns natural daylight.

External Vertical Window Louvres by Danpalon for Endeavour College blue exterior shading systemsLets start with Light

Starting a building design with daylight integrated throughout ensures a comprehensive solution to energy demands. Daylighting in architecture can and does fulfil visual, thermal and energy requirements. Daylight designs are flexible in nature and can be adapted to any building envelope. The flexibility in design is partly due to incredible advancements in technology which has been applied to a range of systems. The selection of glazing systems, and daylight controls such as louvres or blinds can be used in the design.

We need to do more to fully understand and share with others how light impacts and influences our experiences. With that knowledge, we can incorporate daylight designs with even more confidence, knowing full well that practical building measures will be met as well as end-user comfort.

Daylighting Design Considerations

1. Building orientation in reference to the sun’s daily movements.

2. Roof and façade designs.

3. Daylighting/shade systems i.e. curtain wall glazing, structural glazing, vertical louvres.


Take on Tomorrow with Today’s Technology

Sophisticated advances in technology have seen building design become more proactive and responsive. It is an exciting time to literally see the benefits technology is having on the environment and user comfort and costs while maintaining building function.

From design and planning to product selection and integration and more, Danpal® has the technology, quality products and expert tools for daylighting in architecture. Danpal® is a global brand because Danpalon® can and is suitable for all climates across the globe.

Solar Energy and Light Simulations

During the design and planning process, Danpal’s® state of the art simulation software can be utilised. For 30 years Danpal® has been offering the latest in sophisticated technology and innovation.

Danpalon® systems are integrated into the software. Each system’s characteristics and certified, tested values are a part of the software. Architects can compare and experiment with Danpalon® systems for light diffusion, solar heat gain, absorption and transmission and U value. The simulation gives a full view of the look and efficacy of the building as well as the daylight illuminance in the building and energy use. This simulation enables architects to choose the perfect system design for their energy and lighting needs by “playing” with different product specification options and the structure area.


Be confident the final design will be your success with Danpal®.

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Light harnessed with applications, Danpalon louvres creating shade for a colourful effect