Daylighting - Rethinking Light at Night

Rethinking Light at Night

Hero of the Night – Light

Façade Lighting, Illuminated Wall Panels and a High Rise Building Façade

Working with light can be an incredible experience. Having the right city plan, design and products are key. Here we look at the hero of the night – light.

Discover products that shine at night (façade lighting, a high rise building façade and illuminated wall panels). It’s time to consider city lighting and what light means for us and our spaces and buildings.

Danpatherm LED Building facades Illuminated walls, rethinking light at night
Danpatherm LED Building facades Illuminated walls, rethinking light at night

Rethinking the Hero of the Night

Light is an indispensable component of human existence. We work and live by light 24 hours per day. 50% of us live in cities. We can expect an extra 20% to migrate to the cities by 2050 (according to the United Nations). Darkness is a challenge in cities. It impacts safety, pro-social behaviour, feelings of community, boosts moods, enhances openness and liveability.

Where there is darkness in cities, there is a lost opportunity to embrace culture. We are blessed with innovation, art, shapes and colour that are perfect for the night. Let them shine!

Arouse Curiosity – Delight and Awe – Create Conversations – Promote Culture

Integration of Light and Colour

The information available on the psychological impacts of light and colour is extensive. Night-time provides a blank canvas. Light and colour are used to communicate feelings, messages and branding. Integrate smart LED systems into city plans, buildings and spaces. Smart LED systems give the designer and user flexible and responsive lighting options.

Have you ever arrived in a new city at night? What has been your impression? What feelings did you have as you travelled to dinner or your hotel? Some cities provide a complete sensory experience at night. Some seem to be a completely different place come nightfall. This is the hero of the night – light, working its magic.

We get an impression of a city at night. We see its shadows, sparkling discos and clubs and dimly lit ‘hole in the wall’ restaurants. Consider annual celebrations such as New Year’s Eve. What a world of colour that is! Would NYE be as exciting if it weren’t filled with night colours and lights? Have you ever driven past a museum at night to see their latest artwork lit up on the side of the building? Artwork glowing on a wall is completely different from seeing it in a museum during the day.

Night lighting creates experiences. It also responds to practical issues such as safety in cities.


Danpatherm LED Building facades Illuminated walls at night

The Transformative Power of Light and Technology

As experts in light architecture, Danpal has seen incredible daylight and night-light applications. The benefits of light and colour on community, health, safety, mood and atmosphere are undeniable.

Danpal, technology and light are a transformative combination.

For 30 years, Danpal have been:

• Embracing science to turn our ideas into quality solutions;
• Developing our systems to give flexibility to the designer through customisation;
• Considering efficiency by making on-site installation simple;
• Inspiring architects globally to design with light (natural or artificial) for the benefit of the end-user, the environment and our communities.

Danpal has a rich selection of façade systems. They give flexibility in:

• Colour;
• Finishes;
• Natural light and artificial light diffusion and transparency;
• LED installations and more.

Make the night your hero. Talk to us about façade lighting, illuminated wall panels or even a high rise building façade.

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