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How Glazed External Facades Restored the Charm of Bridgeway Hotel

Single and double glazed facades come with numerous options for colours, finishes and structural configurations – providing endless potential for designers. Here, we look at contemporary façades visually and technically. Why should polycarbonate facades be considered in your next project? What are their benefits? And how did interesting façade choices contribute to the incredible transformation of the Bridgeway Hotel?


Colours and Finishes

Be bold or sleek with extensive colour palettes featuring gloss, matte, three-dimensional and dynamic finishes.

Framed and Seamless Facades

Choose polycarbonate facades with clean aluminium framing or seamless joints to create a floating effect.


Extruded Polycarbonate

Extrusion technology allows colours, finishes and special effects to be extruded into polycarbonate sheets. This avoids:

  • Adding unnecessary layers to panels;
  • Increasing panel thickness, and;
  • Reducing light diffusion.

Multi-Cell Technology

Quality polycarbonate is made with multi-cell technology. What is multi-cell technology? The cells that make up each panel of polycarbonate are tiny with minimal spacing in between. A higher number of cells means panels are much stronger and durable. Multi-cell panels last longer and are more resistant to weather damage. They also will not shatter like glass.

Why Should Polycarbonate Facades be Considered in Your Next Project?

People around the world enjoy being outside but don’t have a lot of spare time to get out during daylight hours. Bringing the outside inside improves happiness, health and reduces energy costs.

Indoor Environmental Quality Enhancement

Given the amount of time we all spend indoors, improving the quality of indoor environments is a must.

Six Keys of Indoor Environmental Quality Enhancement:

  1. Natural light
  2. Natural ventilation
  3. Temperature
  4. Outside views
  5. Colours and design
  6. Limited ambient noise

What are The Benefits of Polycarbonate Facades?

Quality polycarbonate facades (whether single glazed, double glazed, seamless or framed) address the six key aspects of indoor environmental quality enhancement.

For example, Danpalon facades:

  • Evenly diffused light inside the building.
  • Have inherently superior insulative qualities.
  • Reduce solar heat gain and loss.
  • Provide outside view and engagement.
  • Are available in colours to suit any design and purpose.
  • Provide sound dispersion.

How Did External Facades Contribute to The Incredible Transformation of Bridgeway Hotel?

The Bridgeway Hotel is promoted as having great food, service and atmosphere. It now has the aesthetic appeal to match! Bridgeway was built in the 1960s, and its last refurbishment was over 10 years ago. The new-look brings the hotel into the 21st century, and it has restored the charm of the hotel’s heyday.

During the eight-month-long refurbishment, Bridgeway Hotel was completely refurbished to make way for a contemporary and vibrant beer garden. The beer garden hosts a bar, a massive seven-metre screen, and ample seating.

What makes the design stand out is the innovative use of natural ventilation and daylighting.

Managing Daylight  Provides Optimal Thermal Comfort.

Danpalon 3D Lite panels feature a combination of transparent and opaque internal louvres, creating unique visual and thermal transmission properties. The unique 22mm deep panel structure provides visual transparency from certain angles while still maintaining exceptionally low solar transmission levels.

The contrast between the external facades and charred timber are eye-catching and bold. These are complemented by pastels and greenery inside. The contrasting materiality creates a vibrant backdrop for Bridgeway’s live events.


Danpalon Seamless Facades with white 3D Lite panels were used at Bridgeway Hotel.

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