Danpalon Polycarbonate at Cannington Leisureplex, Western Australia

Polycarbonate Danpal Seamless Facades 16mm thick used by Christou Architects at Cannington Leisureplex, Western Australia

A Playful, Modern Façade Stands Proud with Danaplon’s Colour Palette

The Canning Aquatic Centre, Queens Park Recreation Centre and Queens Park Library have been united to become the Cannington Leisureplex. Cannington in WA is now home to a $34 million centre with spaces and activities for the whole community. The challenges of such a massive project included lighting, acoustics and insulation.

The building has been future proofed by the forward-thinking architects. Danpalon facades in ice and bright colours directly address the lighting, acoustics and insulation challenges. Not only is the façade practical in every sense, it is fitting for the location where families, children and the community can delight in colour.

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

The aquatic centre was fitted with 16mm x 7m vertical seamless facades in reflective grey.(1) Traditional facades require extensive steel framing and on-going maintenance to prevent oxidisation caused by chlorine. The façade system installed was self-supporting thus required no intermediate framework.

Acoustics: Sound attenuation must be considered in large spaces such as the Leisureplex. In using Danpalon, Christou architects reduced the need for acoustic insulation.

Thermal and Solar: The facades’ micro-cell structure provides excellent thermal and solar insulation to the building with low ‘U’ values. Using traditional glass in the ten-lane pool complex risked introducing too much light and glare into the complex. Danpalon facades eliminate these risks as they reflect and diffuse solar radiation, thus managing heat and light during harsh Australian summers.

Curtain Wall Facades Diffuse Light

As light permeates the Danpalon facades, it is diffused and dispersed evenly inside the building. Effective light diffusion reduces glare, brings natural light into the space and eliminates the need for external building shades.


Danpalon Colours and Finishes

As public buildings can fall victim to graffiti damage, facades were treated with Danpal’s High-Protection (HP) treatment. HP makes graffiti removal easy without damaging the facades and provides superior protection against environmental pollution.(2) Christou architects used six colours to create a playful welcome to visitors and introduce colour into the interior of the building.

More on finishes, colours and treatments can be found here at Danpal System Glazing Materials and Finishing

Seamless Polycarbonate Curtain Wall Facade at Cannington Leisureplex, Western Australia

Customised Contemporary Facades with Easy Assembly

Working with Danpal to customise panel lengths, types and finishes allowed products to fit to the building envelope and design. This reduced the need for structural supports or a change to the preferred design.

Using Danpalon meant quick installation on site and easy-handling due to the panels being naturally lightweight.

‘Green’ Tick of Approval

The manufacturing process of the panels produces less waste than traditional ‘standard’ sized materials due to the panels being custom made. Fewer fixtures, supports and their waste materials compared to traditional materials were needed. Fewer breakages or products shattering were experienced on-site due to the durability of the panels. Less long-term maintenance costs and replacement products will benefit the building and budget well into the future.

Danpalon can withstand high wind loads and is impact resistant. Panels are recyclable and they reduce temperature and lighting energy demands of the building through their insulative properties and light diffusion.

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