Complete light systems from global company Danpal® for building envelopes

Natural and artificial light systems have been utilised by architects for centuries. Danpal® systems give architects the flexibility to solve practical challenges such as reducing energy usage while creating visually stunning architecture with the use of polycarbonates.


Before Danpal® grew to reach five continents and become a globally renowned manufacturer and distributor of light architecture systems, the goal was to create reliable, forward-thinking, state-of-the-art light architecture systems. In our 50 years of operation, we have reached that goal many times and we continue to innovate as new technologies are incorporated into our ideas.


In a fast-paced energy conscious world that appreciates beautiful architecture, Danpal® has systems for all buildings and climates – from visually dynamic facades and cladding to high performance roofing and skylight systems.


We know that standard solutions may not suit every situation. That is why we have superior quality customisable options to suit Australian requirements and building codes. With quality and efficiency in mind, systems can be made off-site to ensure factory quality to fast track installation.




Intelligent systems meld with dazzling illumination
Architectural masterpieces are generally creative with their use of natural and artificial light, as well as aesthetically spectacular. Danpal® panels are used by architects to push the boundaries of how light is used to transform a problem into a solution and to give the user an experience unlike any other.


Danpal® systems are popular and reliable, offering proven solutions internally and externally around the world. There are millions of square metres of panels stretching across five continents. Danpal® systems are used in new designs and in the revitalization of existing buildings.


Flexibility and innovative technologies give architects and designers room to play with ideas and inspiration. The Danpal® colour palette, textures and effects that can be used and created are limited only by the imagination. We know architecture and work with architects, designers, owners, project managers, contractors from the early stages of seed planting to growing an idea into a work of art that will be appreciated for generations. We can advise on the project from the beginning and see each project through until the end.



Danpal® is the first to create and continuously raise the standards set the benchmark for quality
Did you know that Danpal® is the original designer, manufacturer and distributor of standing seam translucent panel systems? The system was the first of its kind to provide the guaranteed watertightness, even light distribution and visually stunning appearance for which it is now famous.


Our unparalleled expertise is evident in every facet of the system – from the tailor-made design to the quality of materials used and the assurance provided by pre-fabricated systems assembled in factory conditions.


With everything from the manufacturing process to the architectural design to the installation carefully planned by experts, it is no wonder Danpal® continues to be a pioneer in the field.


Danpal® is proud to set the benchmark for innovation and quality in daylighting solutions around the world. We take on this responsibility with enthusiasm and challenge ourselves, technology and design that fulfil our vision and values every day.



No matter what the design or the building envelope, Danpal® has the product and the expertise
Architects manipulate light and space to create remarkable visual solutions and experiences. Just like a painter needs quality paint, architects and engineers need to have the right materials for their task. Danpal® works alongside experts to ensure products are exemplary and the experience is outstanding, from design formulation to the manufacturing process to the final moment of completion.


We are proud to be pioneers in the field and take on each project and implementation of a new technology with enthusiasm. Our panels are used in a huge range of projects, from small office buildings to sports complexes and large arenas. No project is too small or too big. The Danpal® product range offers clients a complete range of solutions that is unmatched.


Danpal® gets to know its clients, working with every step of the project. The global climate continues to challenge us to create strong, economical, energy-wise products, particularly here in Australia. Our solutions use the benefits of Australian sun while protecting against our climatic extremes, from the harsh southern winds to the extreme northern heat and everything in between.