Case Studies

CASE STUDY - Wave Pulsation Along the Seine

Wave Pulsation Along the Seine

The ‘Qwartz’ Project

A mall as beautiful as the Seine and as grand as Paris.

PROJECT NAME: La Bongarde Mall
LOCATION: Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Paris, France
PRODUCT: Danpal® Façade, 16 600 Clear Lilas, Softlite, 7000 m²
ARCHITECT: P. Pierrou – DGLA, France (Now Zuo Architecture)
ENGINEER:  Roux Ingénierie


THE BRIEF: Showcase the grand renewal of La Bongarde Mall. Promote the building with respect to the location, building use and stand out from the crowd. Be more than just a back-lit façade.

LOCATION: La Bongarde Mall covers a massive 250,000 m² triangular space. Each side of the triangular site overlooks a different part of Paris. As such, each side required a different architectural vision. The Villeneuve-la-Garenne location would span five floors. It would incorporate shopping, entertainment, dining and customer parking throughout the complex. Leasable space covered 87,000 m².

ARCHITECT: At the time of design and construction, the architect was P Pierrou of DGLA, France. Since then, DGLA merged with M+R to become ZUO (Zestful Urban Office). They specialise in architecture and urban planning that is full of zest and creativity.

Façade Panels, Wall Cladding Systems used by Danpalon Everbright Suppliers Australia. Danpal® Façade, 16 600 Clear Lilas, Softlite Qwartz Project France.


DANPAL® SOLUTIONS: The triangular site overlooks the Seine River, a lush park and the city. 16mm Danpalon® Everbright facade panels were chosen by the architects for the Seine side. The facades stretch the entire length of the 7000 m2 side of the building. The UNESCO World Heritage Seine river sparkles blue, green and white under the ever-changing sky. The Danpal Façade used on the Seine side reflects the opalescent glint and flow of the river.

The wall cladding systems were overlapped during installation rather than installed flat. Also, during installation, the facades had LED lighting installed. At night, the programmed light patterns emit a glow and pulse like the waves of the Seine. The facade panels underwent extrusion to apply Danpal’s Softlite finish. Softlite is what gives the facades an iridescent, opaline effect. Softlite’s matte finish reduces the glare that bounces up from the Seine. The facades do not add to the glare no matter how bright the Parisian summers or glare from the water.

RESULTS: A stunning façade installed with LED lighting that reflects the river’s flow. Overlapping the facades during installation was a creative choice to add depth during the day. At night the overlapping of the facades and the ever-changing programmed lighting takes the building to another level entirely.

The facades bring the building to life as if naturally in sync with the flows of the river. Qwartz truly stands out as a unique architectural statement in harmony with the location.

Do more with city lighting and facades – make your architectural statement.

Danpal facades are the go-to product for daylighting but have you considered their ability to provide city lighting? The Qwartz Shopping Mall embraces the benefits of both daylighting and night lighting. No matter what time of the day or night it is, passers-by and visitors are kept in awe of the magic of light.

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