The Heart of Wollongong Lights Up

Lightweight Translucent Roofing Systems - Lighthouse Church Wollongong

Lightweight Roofing Solutions Welcome the Community

Lightweight roofing solutions welcome the local community to the Lighthouse Church. In the heart of Wollongong sits a building that was built for the community by the community. Lighthouse Church has undergone a massive facelift. The result:

  • A building that is practical with multiple dual-purpose rooms and a café and;
  • A building that reflects the values of the community it serves.

The partnership between the Lighthouse Church community, Aibee Architects combined with Danpal products has delivered warmth and connection to the inner city.


The aim of the ‘Lighthouse at The Station’ design was to promote community and connection. The building was to be as welcoming as the people inside. The Lighthouse offers meeting and multi-purpose spaces for the diverse community that makes up Wollongong. From weekly services, community group meet-ups, mum’s and youth groups, to sharing a meal at the weekly pop-up restaurant, everyone is welcome. The design needed to be innovative and promote connection, family, community and belonging.


What you see before entering the building during the day or night are long, curved awnings. The awnings stretch out to passers-by, welcoming them into the spaces within. As well as providing an inviting entry point, the awnings needed to be strong and self-supporting. The Danpal Solarspace roof used for the awnings achieved this and more. It also allows natural light to filter through rather than blocking the light and warmth. The awnings block all harmful UV radiation, providing all the benefits of daylight without exposure to the elements. An added benefit of the polycarbonate awning is a requirement for less artificial lighting. The awnings vary in appearance from day to night, being illuminated in the evening to make the building spectacularly radiant.


As with all Danpal products, the awnings were made of the highest quality polycarbonate panels. Architects around the world trust Danpal systems for many reasons, well known for our:

  • Lightweight and flexible nature;
  • Strength and durability;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Environmentally friendly (from manufacturing to installation and long-term green benefits to the building);
  • Thermal and insulative properties;
  • Extensive testing and high manufacturing quality;
  • UV protection and;
  • Unparalleled ability to diffuse and transfer light.




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