A Healing Light for Auburn Medlab Pathology

MedLab Auburn polycarbonate cladding

Danpalon® Insulated Daylighting System for Auburn Medlab Pathology

Working closely with Eaton Architects, Danpal was engaged to engineer and supply a thermally insulated, prefabricated daylighting solution for Auburn Medlab Pathology, with value engineering and easy installation at the forefront.

Set and setting are crucial elements within healthcare experiences; the way we feel affects the way we heal. For those facing some of their darkest moments, we offered a moment of light.

Working closely with Eaton Architects, Danpal was engaged to engineer and supply a daylighting solution for Auburn Medlab Pathology. High levels of thermal insulation were required, whilst also ensuring the overall solution was cost effective.

As advocates for the restorative physiological benefits of light architecture, we believe that healthcare projects hold some of the greatest potential for daylighting to support wellness in our communities. Danpal worked closely with Eaton Architects to design and engineer a practical, cost-effective architectural glazing system that also ensured rapid, easy installation.

In response to the thermal insulation requirements, Danpatherm® K7 insulated prefabricated cassettes were utilised, delivering significant conductive and reflective insulation.

Spanning 3 metres with concealed joints at 924mm centres, Danpatherm® K7 provides an aesthetically elegant, high performance daylighting system for large areas (approximately 25 metres long by 6 metres high in this case).

Beneficial for patients and healthcare professionals alike, Danpatherm® offers all the physiological benefits of daylight within a prefabricated lightweight system at a fraction of the cost that glass-based systems would require.

Delivering energy efficiencies to boot, Danpal’s architectural glazing solution delivered on its value engineering promise of the ideal combination of material performance, innovative structural engineering and aesthetic sophistication.


About Danpatherm®

Danpatherm® K7 and Danpatherm® K12 are innovative, prefabricated translucent composite façade systems designed to provide a clean, seamless finish and achieve high thermal performance with superb light transmission.

Suitable for exterior façades, curtain walls, and interior feature walls, Danpatherm® can be supplemented with LED lighting, additional thermal or acoustic insulation, as well as metal shading features for performance improvements.

Learn more about Danpatherm® today.

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