Raising The Roof for Karrawatta Wines

Karrawatta Winery glass like polycarbonate roofing

Danpalon® Polycarbonate Roofing for Karrawatta Wines

There is an element of majesty that surrounds cellar doors; visions of sun-drenched patios, vistas of vines and fresh blue skies spring to mind. However, the Australian sun can make this vision a harsh reality…unless you’re working with the trusted advisors of daylighting solutions.

To achieve the perfect balance of sunshine and comfort, Danpal was engaged by Karrawatta Wines to enclose the al fresco dining area of their cellar door. Large spans of transparent roofing were required for the cellar door’s exposed location in the Adelaide Hills, to be installed over an existing steel perimeter frame.

The initial concept was for a conventionally glazed roof, but this would have taken far too long and cost far too much, given the constricted 6-week timeframe.


Danpal’s Freespan roofing with Danpalon® panels achieved the perfect balance of sunshine and comfort for al fresco diners of Karrawatta Wines.


Utilising glass-like 4mm Danpalon® panels, our solution came pre-engineered to harness the lightweight 60mm proprietary Freespan framing that facilitated rapid installation with a high-strength structure, requiring no lifting equipment or specialised installation methods.

This new Danpalon® roof provides Karrawatta Wines patrons with abundant natural lighting whilst ensuring they are protected from UV radiation, using products with a proven history of success and resilience in the harsh Australian climate for decades.

We were honoured to create an architecturally elegant space that provided benefits of daylight, ambiance and the weather protection that is expected of a high-end establishment.


This new, architecturally elegant Danpalon® roof provided Karrawatta Wines patrons with abundant natural lighting, whilst ensuring they are protected from UV radiation.


About Freespan Roofing

Danpal’s Freespan roofing system is a large spanning solution comprised of proprietary structural rafters directly under the Danpalon® polycarbonate panel joints, creating a continuously clean finish with no framework shadowing.

The versatility of this CodeMark certified roofing system means greater flexibility when designing for your clients, whilst the rafters are fully certified for a range of skillion (straight) and curved designs that are easy to install.

Designed for fixing to a building or onto a minimal sub-frame, the Freespan framing is aligned with the Danpalon® polycarbonate panel joints, creating a clean and “clutter-free” look with reduced framework shadowing. The dry-glazed polycarbonate connectors clip easily over proprietary aluminium rafters, giving it a unique design edge.

The Freespan Roof system features trusted Danpal technology, workmanship and structural integrity. For any product to be used in Australia, it must be proven and resilient. Danpal products are made strong enough to withstand harsh UV rays, rain, hail, wind and more, guaranteeing a longer system life. The Freespan connection system also assures the prevention of water penetration, making it 100% leak-proof.

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