Al Fresco; ‘In the Open Air’

Marion Club 2

Danpalon® Polycarbonate Roofing for Club Marion

In collaboration with MF Building Design and ICM Constructions, Danpal was engaged to supply a practical high-strength polycarbonate roofing solution for the alfresco dining area on the sunny balcony of Club Marion.

Al fresco dining spaces must offer two crucial elements; the beauty of the great outdoors…and protection from the great outdoors. Initially, the design brief detailed the use of a shade sail for two of their outdoor dining areas; however, as market leaders in passion and drive, ICM Construction knew there was a better way. A Danpalon®-based roofing solution was advised, offering a more cost-effective alternative initially, as well as providing superior insulation and performance in the longer term.

MF Building Design use their extensive knowledge from years of experience with passive solar design, local materials, environmental factors, cultural factors, financial, energy use, water use and sustainable landscapes. As such, we were delighted to collaborate further with architects and companies like ICM Construction, whose values are integrally aligned with Danpal’s.


Using a pre-engineered Danpalon® system enabled a rapid installation rate on-site, providing abundant natural lighting while also ensuring patrons are protected from UV radiation and excess heat.


The solution for Club Marion required roofing solutions with large spans, to be installed on an existing balcony within a reasonably constrictive timeframe and budget.
Danpalon® 16mm multicell panels framed with 100mm and 150mm proprietary Freespan framing were utilised to facilitate rapid installation at heights, as well as a providing a convenient high-strength roofing solution. The system was pre-engineered to use lightweight framing that required no lifting equipment or specialised installation methods.

Danpal’s Freespan Roof system is a large spanning solution comprised of proprietary structural rafters directly under the Danpalon® polycarbonate panel joints, creating a continuously clean finish with no framework shadowing. The versatility of this CodeMark certified roofing system means greater flexibility, as the rafters are fully certified for a range of skillion (straight) and curved designs that are easy to install.

The Freespan Roof system features trusted Danpal technology, workmanship and structural integrity. The dry-glazed polycarbonate connectors clip easily over proprietary aluminium rafters, giving it a unique design edge.


Danpal was engaged to supply a practical high-strength Danpalon® polycarbonate roofing solution for Club Marion’s alfresco dining area.


The new Danpalon® roofing systems provide Club Marion’s al fresco spaces with abundant natural lighting, while also ensuring patrons are protected from UV radiation and excess heat, with the confidence of products that offer a proven history of success and resilience against the harsh Australian climate.
Through enhancing the living environments and outdoor lifestyles of our communities, we strive to support innovative architectural design values and build a beautiful world for all.

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