Danpal® Roofing solutions provide high impact resistance, flexibility
and an exciting range of creative possibilities.

CONTROLITE® Intelligent daylighting system

Features a translucent glazing panel with integrated, rotating louvres that adjust their position throughout the day to optimise daylight transmission levels.
This advanced system enables complete control of the desired indoor light intensity — any time of day, any time of year.

Danpal® Freespan Roofing

Danpal® Freespan Roofing is fully certified for a wide range of designs
that are easy to install.


Dry glazed translucent system available in a variety of designs – for installation above or below various types of structures (according to engineering and design requirements).

Contains snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminium.

Danpal® Seamless Roofing

Danpal® Seamless Roofing offers large spanning roofs with a flush exterior surface, minimizing maintenance requirements and creating a spectacular clean visual look.

Danpal® Solarspace Roofing

Danpal®  Solarspace Roofigs offers large spanning canopies with no visible framework. The connection sits on top of the roof, locking the panels together to provide a flush ceiling-like finish on the underside.

Danpal - Light Architecture Solutions
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