Intelligent daylighting system

Features a translucent glazing panel with integrated, rotating louvres that adjust their position throughout the day to optimise daylight transmission levels. This advanced system enables complete control of the desired indoor light intensity — any time of day, any time of year


  • Provides optimal comfort in changing daylight conditions
  • Offers skylighting surfaces in larger areas
  • Withstands weather and temperature extremes
  • Saves energy, sustainable design, reduces heating/cooling costs

More Info

contoliteMaximises daylight in winter, blocks solar heat in summer

Controlite® delivers optimal comfort by controlling daylight transmission and solar heat gain.
Its panels enable larger skylights in commercial and public buildings, optimising light and heat – whatever the season.

Increases comfort through “optimised” daylight
The Controlite® system adapts to changing light conditions throughout the day for effective control of indoor light, shade and solar heat gain.

Reduces energy consumption
The Controlite® system significantly reduces energy use from air-conditioning, heating, and artificial lighting.

Integrates sustainable design
Controlite® panels integrate into energy-efficient building design, allowing designers to earn credit points with green building rating systems.


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