It’s proven: Daylight infused spaces bring out the best in people. Simple design techniques can boost the effectiveness of a building, both in terms of peoples’ productivity, mood and overall health.

However, good day-lighting solutions require an integrated building design approach where design solutions are part of the main concept while meeting visual, thermal and energy needs. Lessons about how the sun shapes people’s experience should be applied to building design at the start of the building process.

Well-designed buildings offer as much natural daylight as possible while still maintaining a comfortable internal environment. Danpal offers the right tools for planning the most effective light openings, integrating appropriate products capable of exploiting optimal levels of energy resources any time of day in any geographic location.

Employing state-of-the-art software, Danpal is unique in providing lighting and solar energy simulations reflecting its 30 year heritage as a specialist in daylight architectural innovation.

Danpal - Light Architecture Solutions
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